Another Reason to Visit Walt Disney World: “Florida’s Air Has Never Been Cleaner”

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If the quality of entertainment, luxury, and overall experience aren’t enough to get you and your family to Walt Disney World, how about Florida’s quality of air?

On Wednesday, March 4, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced that the Sunshine State has met ALL national air quality standards. It is the most populous state in the Union to do so.

The Tampa Bay Times  declares in an article: “Florida’s air has never been cleaner”

The article, published on Thursday, March 5, states:

“The state [Florida] has been certified by the federal government as meeting National Ambient Air Quality Standards, which track six pollutants dangerous to public health: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide.”

While the state fell out of compliance between 2008 and 2010, Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection worked tirelessly to get back in the good graces of the Environmental Protection Agency by working directly with local industries and communities. Especially, those in Hillsborough and Polk county–two central Florida counties with close proximity to Disney’s Orlando Resort in Orange County and Oceola County. It took years to gather enough data to finally re-earn the EPA’s approval.

Magic Kingdom
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Environmental officials have praised the Floridians in both public and private sectors for the accomplishment. The reduction in air pollution reaffirmed their commitment to the state’s beautiful environment while, at the same time, not cutting back on developmental growth. Boasting a population of 21 million people makes Florida the most populated state to meet all quality standards. (Yes, that means California does not meet all the standards.)

The Walt Disney Company has already taken its own strides to preserve the environment from the work done at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the creation of the Disney Wilderness Preserve to the installation of a solar farm on-property.

Hidden Mickey Solar Panel Farm Walt Disney World
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“Clean air is something we take seriously. It’s a big accomplishment. It’s important,” said Noah Valenstein, the environmental agency’s secretary. “I hope we’re an outlier in the sense that Floridians take the environment very seriously. The governor takes the environment very seriously. Just as we’re working hard on water quality and preserving lands in Florida.”

This is good not just for Floridians but for the scores of tourists who visit Walt Disney World and combine their vacation with visits to Florida’s natural features such as the beaches, the springs, and the wetlands. As a Floridian myself, it makes me smile knowing that the Sunshine State is now shining a little brighter for all who come to this happy place. (It also looks like the perfect time now to visit EPCOT’s International Flower and Garden Festival.)

Flower and Garden
Credit: D23

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What do you think about Florida’s air quality? Do you take air quality and other environmental factors into account when you book your vacations? Let us know in the comments!

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