Semi-Truck Gets Lost at Disney World, Almost Tears Up Entrance at Old Key West Resort

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Semi-truck Disney World Old Key West

Credit: Christopher Guile

When you drive up to most Walt Disney World resort hotels, you drive up to an entrance that’s covered with a fancy lanai canopy that offers a high ceiling with some appropriate decorations. Now, as you get out of the car, feeling bougie as you toss the valet your keys and walk up into the foyer, you probably would never think that certain vehicles would not fit underneath that roof.

Well, neither did this Semi-Truck driver.

Check it out in the video below, shared by Streaming the Magic and credited to Christopher Guile:

Presumably lost (or at least unsure of where he was suppose to park at the resort), the driver of a massive semi-truck attempted to turn around via the valet stop at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. The truck just barely skirts under the canopy, but just when he and the supervising Cast Member thought he was safe, his truck almost takes the chandelier with him!

The chandelier his free handing. There is no pull system to shorten the chain it’s hanging from. So, the truck has to maneuver ever so gently to make sure he doesn’t break it. Luckily the truck slid out of there fine and nobody was hurt.

“Okay, so nothing really happened. Why are you showing me this?”

Because I’m honestly surprised videos like this aren’t more often and it serves as a grave reminder to all those looking to drive their own cars around Walt Disney World property and many a family will take an RV that is not much smaller and does not sit much lower than a semi-truck.

Disney World is massive! We’re talking about the size of San Francisco. The roads can be extremely confusing and when you need to share that road with scores of excited and albeit impatient and apathetic drivers that need to get to where they’re going before you, it can be very easy to miss your turn and have to backtrack in very awkward ways.

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But ask for help. Drive to the closest hotel or park gate and ask for directions. There will always be a Cast Member ready to help. If you get stuck going to the Magic Kingdom parking lot when you were trying to find Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, go up to the toll booth. A Cast Member will point you in the right direction and you will not have to pay the parking fee to go straight to the exit.

Also, if you have the kind of luck where you get someone “earning their ears,” politely ask for someone who already has them. They will not take offense to it and it will help them out if they don’t know. But once you get to your hotel and park your vehicle, maybe stick to the Walt Disney World public transportation. Be it the buses, monorails, watercraft, Skyliner, or even the Minnie Vans. They all know where they’re going.

Have you ever gotten lost on Walt Disney World property? What’s your most embarrassing “turnaround” story? Let us know in the comments.

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