Comments for Semi-Truck Gets Lost at Disney World, Almost Tears Up Entrance at Old Key West Resort

Semi-truck Disney World Old Key West

Credit: Christopher Guile


  1. Harley

    There is no valet at okw! Thats just a stop where magical express and taxis drop now! Before it use to be a spot where you could pull in a check in or if you need something quick at the store! Only know bc OKW is 2nd home been member since day 1!

    1. DH

      Facts. This was an article that did not need to be written.

  2. John

    How can you be a writer if you can’t spell?

  3. Rachel

    I got lost trying to find the Swan and Dolphin. Twice! Both cast members I asked for directions were super helpful. One of them was at the booth for the Epcot parking lot and gave the best directions that got me unlost and safely to the hotel.

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