Coronavirus Concerns: VP Pence Shares His Opinion on Traveling to Disney World Right Now

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We shared last week that when asked whether he would take his family to Disney World right now as coronavirus concerns grow, Vice President Mike Pence avoided directly answering the question. But now, he has weighed in on his opinion regarding traveling — be it to Disney theme parks or to another destination during Spring Break vacations.

The United States VP noted that when his children were young, Florida was one of their favorite places to vacation. But that doesn’t mean he’s recommending travelers stay away from Disney Parks during this time. Here’s what Pence had to say about traveling to Disney destinations and other forms of travel during the coronavirus pandemic:

“One of our favorite places to go when my children were young and even before my children came was in Orlando…

Whether it be Disney World, whether it be other destination, whether it be cruise ships … those most at risk are seniors with serious or chronic underlying health conditions.

Otherwise Americans can confidently travel in this country.”

The Vice President’s statements regarding travel have bee echoed across the board.  As VP Pence and health professionals say, if you do not have underlying health conditions, you should be safe enough to travel as you normally would, even if it’s to the highly popular Disney Parks. Disney also shared a statement from a medical professional to the official Disney Parks Blog website addressing coronavirus concerns and sharing how Disney Parks continue to handle the illness. You can read that statement here. 

US Disney Parks Coronavirus Update

Disney Cruise Line is also offering free cancellations. Guests are allowed to cancel their Disney Cruise at no cost. The money they paid toward their cruise will remain as a credit on their account to be used on a cruise vacation anytime in the next 12 months. And as the state department urges travelers not to take cruises during that time, it may be worth looking into this if you do have a cruise planned in the coming weeks. Click here for the latest Disney Cruise updates.

While you do not have to cancel your Disney Parks vacation, it’s important to be aware of the travel recommendations shared by medical professionals. Taking proper precautions is necessary for the health and safety of yourself, your travel party, and those around you. If you feel unwell, stay home. And if you are traveling, continue to stay sanitary: use hand sanitizers, wash your hands frequently, and consult a doctor if you are at all concerned. Read more about coronavirus on the official CDC website.

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