VP Pence Refuses to Say If He’d Take His Kids to Disney World Amid Coronavirus Spread

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Spring Break is fast approaching in the United States, and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of America’s prime Spring Break destinations. But as the coronavirus continues to spread and after six deaths were reported, fear of the coronavirus continues to spread across the nation even faster.

Travel abroad has already been restricted to countries like Mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, and Iran. But domestic health concerns are mounting, and more and more people are beginning to ask the question: “Should I cancel my spring break plans?”

On the evening of Monday, March 3, Vice President Mike Pence held a press conference with other top health officials of the coronavirus task force appointed by President Donald Trump to update the nation on the coronavirus situation, and one reporter asked the blunt question: “Would you go to Disney World?”

You can watch the full press conference here:

Her exact quote:

“Families across the country are worried about Spring Break and wondering if they should book travel or cancel their travel. What is the expert opinion from the task force on Spring Break travel and domestic travel? And would you, yourself, feel comfortable bringing your family right now including your three grandchildren and their partners on a week-long trip to Disney World?” 

Rather than giving his blunt opinion, the Vice President responds by explaining America’s domestic travel situation and then immediately attempts to bring up one of the top health officials standing with him–someone whose medical background would provide a much more valid opinionated answer.

He said:

“Well, I can say there have been no recommendations about any limitations on travel within the United States of America. But let me let the experts speak to recommendations with regard to travel.”

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But while the experts take a moment to decide who would speak, the reporter presses Pence for his answer. Would he feel comfortable?

The Vice President waves off the follow-up question saying, “I travel across this country all the time, and my kids live all over the country. Look, this is a time to use common sense. A good time to wash your hands…as we said the risk is low

While many criticize Vice President Pence for not answering the question outright, what good would his answer be? The man is a politician. While he has experience leading teams of public health officials, he is not a doctor. He is also not a spokesman for the Walt Disney Company.

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So, Vice President Pence then called up a real expert: Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry to speak more on travel.

Dr. Redfield said:

“We want people to go about and live their normal lives in this nation right now…Even before the coronavirus if you’d’ve asked the CDC what you should do about preparedness, we would tell you that every individual should think ahead and prepare whether it’s a hurricane or-those recommendations haven’t changed and I really want people to reflect that. There are no travel restrictions in the United States…and I want to re-echo what everyone said: the risk to the American public at this point is low.”

As it stands now, there are over 40 confirmed domestic cases of the coronavirus, in states including California (where Disneyland Resort is located) and Florida (the home of Disney World). There are two cases reported in the state of Florida. However, there have been no reports of cases of coronavirus being connected to Disneyland or Disney World in any way.

At the time of this article, the Walt Disney World Resort has yet to make an official statement regarding coronavirus, but we will keep updating Inside the Magic as more information becomes available.

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Vice President Mike Pence concluded the news conference by confirming that the task force will meet with the White House and hold a news conference every day as the fight against the virus outbreak continues.

What’s your decision regarding Spring Break plans? Are you still going to take the trip? Do you know anybody canceling their plans? Let us know in the comments.

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