Comments for VP Pence Refuses to Say If He’d Take His Kids to Disney World Amid Coronavirus Spread

Mike Pence Disney World Coronavirus


  1. carolyn

    We’re heading to WDW in 10 days and have no plans to cancel. We’ll be sure to use hand sanitizer and wash hands frequently, but there’s no way we’ll cancel…we’ve been looking forward to this since our last trip in November! Our daughter, who lives in Orlando has suggested we cancel because I have health issues and she’s afraid I might have a problem, but I told her I’ll take my chances…

  2. Harley

    We care what he says bc ??? Hes not a wdw person so he would have said no either way! Really folks enjoy your life! Your all making a pandemic more than it is!

  3. Mark

    Yes bc we should take advice from a man whom let HIV run ramp. In his state before he became VP… thats so is not smart!

  4. James

    Why would he answer, that is the job of the health care officials to respond to a question whether or not people should be going out in crowded areas. People, like Mark, need to stop letting their political bias make their decisions for them. And the media needs to stop using fear tactics.

    1. Mark

      I am not a making this political i am gay hate politics its the gods honest truth though i know people are living w HIV when they didnt have to bc of pence and now hes in charge! It doesnt matter my dr and my daughters said as long as you have a flu shot you should be fine if not i live in fl where its warm and a vaxx should be ready in a month so breathe said on news so breathe and chill!

  5. Mary

    He couldn’t answer this even if he wanted to. If he says don’t go he could get sued by Disney. If he says go and you get sick he would sick by you. I say everyone has a brain, use it.

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