OpEd: My Perfect Day Spent At Walt Disney World Resort

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When I decided to write an article about my perfect Disney day, I was immediately filled with joy. Just the thought of a day in the parks is enough to leave me smiling, even in the midst of this scary time we’re currently trying to navigate.

For starters…

If I could plan the perfect Disney parks day, it would take place over a vast array of locations on Disney property. I would start my morning off with a big plate of french toast at The Grand Floridian cafe for breakfast. I love getting dressed up to eat in this resort because everything around you feels so picturesque (and who doesn’t like french toast)!

Once I finished breakfast, I would hop on the monorail and spend the morning in the Magic Kingdom, using my three fast-passes to conquer the mountains — Space, Splash and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It’s not a perfect park day without a show!

One of my favorite performances to watch at the Magic Kingdom is the Festival of Fantasy Parade (or what is notoriously known as the three-o-clock parade, to cast members). There’s something incredibly joyful about the upbeat soundtrack, the bright colors and the obvious excitement of the cast members performing in it. I’d make sure to get to the parade route nice and early to get a good spot, because my favorite place to view it is on Main Street U.S.A. 

My favorite festival of the year

After the parade, I would take the monorail to the ticket and transportation center and head over to EPCOT for the second half of the day. My favorite time to visit EPCOT is in the spring, during the International Flower and Garden Festival.

Unfortunately it looks like this year’s festival will be negatively impacted by the temporary park closures, but there’s always next year. I’d have a plate of frushi in one hand and a violent lemonade in the other, and spend some time walking around and enjoying all of the flowers and topiaries that go up throughout the park for this festive season! 

I’ll admit it…I do love Living With The Land

I personally think that Epcot’s attractions are under-appreciated! I always enjoy sitting through the Pixar short film festival, Soarin’ Around the World and learning about the agricultural aspect of the park on Living with the Land. I also adore Spaceship Earth and find it to be an incredibly relaxing ride. So I would make sure to hit all of those attractions while at EPCOT. 

Ice cream makes everything better

I would love to finish my perfect Disney day over at Ample Hills Creamery, the ice cream shop located at Disney’s Boardwalk. It’s a pleasant little walk from the back entrance of EPCOT (in The World Showcase). I would get a mint chip cone and sit on one of the benches by the water, enjoying the sun and warm weather. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? 

Sunset by the water? Yes please

I think the area around the boardwalk is beautiful, and would be happy enjoying the sunset by the lake from any of the surrounding resorts — Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, Yacht Club Resort or Beach Club Resort.

The thing that would really make for the perfect Disney day though, would be getting to do it all with my family and friends! Any park day is more magical when you’re spending time with loved ones! I sure can’t wait for my next family trip to Walt Disney World. 

What would your perfect park day look like?

I can’t personally think of a more magical and laid back Disney day than that (for me anyways), but I encourage you all to do this activity too! Take out a sheet of paper, or type it on your computer and think about what YOUR perfect Disney day would be. It can be nice and tame or incredibly far fetched. Regardless, it will likely spark a bit of joy and give you something to look forward to down the line when the parks open back up. Maybe this time away will make us appreciate the parks even more, for the true joy they bring us all!

Or let us know in the comments! What is your ideal perfect day at Disney World? We want to hear from you!

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