Money Can’t Buy You Happiness – But it CAN Buy Disney Vacations!

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disney vacations make you happy

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We’ve all heard the saying: Money can’t buy happiness. But according to science, it actually can…if you spend it the right way. And for us Disney fans, that means money can buy Disney vacations, which make us the happiest of all.

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Entrepreneur says that several studies have shown connections between money and happiness, as long as you’re spending your money experiences — not things — that truly bring you joy. Here’s what the site has to say about putting money toward experiences that make you happy:

Money can lend you the opportunity to have memorable experiences. Although you do not need a lot of money to have certain experiences, to travel the world and do so comfortably, significant amounts of money can go a long way. Therefore, spending money on experiences will give you many moments of happiness as well as positive memories to look back on.

One important point to note is that the experiences you pay for should be ones that you genuinely enjoy, not just things that society values. If you hate going to concerts, for example, then splurging to go to a show is not a good use of your money.

This is despite how many others might tell you they are jealous. Instead, you should buy experiences you truly enjoy. The examples are endless but include vacations, sporting events, nice meals, tours and shows.

And when it comes to Disney, this means buying tickets to the latest Disney movie that hit theaters, going to see Disney on Ice when it comes to an arena near you, seeing Frozen or The Lion King on Broadway, or — the most expensive experience — going on a Disney vacation. It’s true that not everyone in the world is a Disney fan. But no matter how others may perceive your love for the Most Magical Place on Earth or your enthusiasm for Walt Disney Animation Studios, you know the things that bring you joy. And if those things are Disney experiences, then why not pursue them?

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It’s no secret that Disney vacations are very expensive. But if they are what you truly value, or if you have always wanted to go on a Disney trip — whether to Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, or an international Disney park — then nothing should stop you. There are so many ways to make Disney trips affordable, from taking advantage of free dining and hotel discounts to working with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner who can search for the best deals. Even vacation planning for yourself can bring you joy, since planning our your FastPasses or dining reservations for the theme parks can be therapeutic and fun.

So if you’ve always been on the fence about taking a Disney trip, do it. They say the only Disney vacations we regret are the ones we don’t take! And in this case, a Disney trip to see Mickey Mouse might just be the happiness boost you need (or what the doctor ordered!).

disney vacations make you happy
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But what about for those of us who can’t afford to go on vacation all the time, or even at all? That’s where Disney vlogs and sites come in. We know as Disney fans that we at Inside the Magic try to bring the magic home to anyone who needs a little pixie dust in their lives. Watching Disney videos and vlogs, reading Disney books, keeping up with the latest treats and attractions in the theme parks, watching our favorite childhood shows on Disney+, and connecting with other Disney lovers online are all ways we experience the magic of Disney without breaking the bank.

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So if you can, save up for that Disney trip of your dreams, or find room in your budget to subscribe to Disney+. Money can’t make us happy, but the Happiest Place on Earth sure does.

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