The Best Disney Background Loops to Relax or Study To!

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Main Street Train Station Fireworks

Credit: ITM Writer Brandon T.

When visiting a Disney location, the music is an integral part of the magic that surrounds it. There’s nothing quite like hearing the instrumental rendition of “When Will My Life Begin” as you wait for Happily Ever After. Whether to study, read, do some work or even just revisit old memories, these background Disney loops are perfect to listen to. And thanks to Youtube and streaming services, almost any track or loop you can think of is accessible!

Here is a list of some favorites:

Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom (Youtube)

Naturally, our list had to begin with a classic favorite that many will love. This loops contains instrumental renditions of many classics, such as Wells Fargo Wagon from “The Music Man”, and Yankee Doodle Dandy. This loop is the perfect soundtrack to bring you right back to your trips to Magic Kingdom, and is also an upbeat mix to listen to while working.

Disney Springs (Youtube)

For low-key, relaxing renditions of classic Disney classics like “Be Our Guest”, “Colors of the Wind”. There are also newer tracks such as “When Can I See You Again” from Wreck-It-Ralph. This loop is synth-y and easy to listen to; perfect for when you are trying to focus and need fun background noise.

Innoventions, Epcot (Youtube)

Even attractions that have since been retired (rest in peace Innoventions!) featured some of the greatest soundtracks in any of the parks. The Innoventions loop is a great example of an original soundtrack made specifically for the parks that have found their way into permanent spots in our memories (See also: Kitchen Kabaret).

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Tomorrowland Loop, Magic Kingdom (Youtube)

A personal favorite, the Tomorrowland loop features subtle renditions of “You’ve Got A Friend in Me”, and even other attraction loops such as The People Mover and The Carousel of Progress. The sound effects featured in this loop are clearly very dated. However, it adds so much charm and nostalgia to the sound of it. It’s hard not to feel inspired while listening to featured like “There’s A Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow”.

Happily Ever After Pre-Show Loop, by the Midnight String Quartet (Spotify and Youtube)

The beautifully orchestrated renditions of these classics that play before Happily Ever After every night are available directly on both Spotify and Youtube! These tracks can bring you right back to every time you’ve felt the anticipation leading up to the show and are also relaxing enough to listen casually.

Did we feature any of your favorite background Disney loops? Are we missing any of your favorites that should definitely be included? Let us know!

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