Disney World Limits Use of Fingerprint Scanners as Coronavirus Concern Grows

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Update 3/14/20, 8 p.m.:

As of this evening, we at Inside the Magic experienced an inconsistent use of fingerprint scanners at the Walt Disney World theme parks. One of our reporters was told to scan their fingerprint when entering Magic Kingdom this evening. But when another Inside the Magic reporter entered EPCOT tonight, he and other guests did not have to scan their fingerprints and instead only needed to use their MagicBands to enter the theme park.

Either way, it looks like for the time being until the parks close temporarily on Monday, Walt Disney World is limiting the use of fingerprint scanners and not necessarily requiring guests to use them when entering the parks.

Update 3/14/20, 2 p.m.:

As of this morning, Disney was still having guests scan their fingerprints at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. So far, it’s unclear whether Disney will continue the practice from the night before.

Original Article:

As Disney continues to take precautions regarding coronavirus and as Walt Disney World Resort preps for the temporary closure of its theme parks, Disney has just started a new method of hopefully limiting contact with germs. As of this evening at Magic Kingdom, guests were no longer required to scan their fingerprints before entering the park.

If you are a frequent Walt Disney World visitor, then you are likely familiar with the process of entering the Disney World theme parks. Guests typically scan their MagicBand (or ticket/pass, if they do not have a MagicBand) before scanning their fingerprint in order to enter the parks. However, as coronavirus continues to spread and as concern grows, it looks like Disney is being extra cautious this evening.

This evening as guests were entering Magic Kingdom, guests were not required to scan their fingers. Instead, they simply had to touch their MagicBands to the scanner and enter the park. There were also Cast members standing underneath the train station prompting guests to sanitize their hands before continuing inside the park. Inside the Magic reporter Emille Crawford was on the scene tonight to experience this first-hand.

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Credit: Emille Crawford / ITM

We had previously shared a tip that one way to reduce the amount of germs you are possibly exposed to is by limiting how much you are touching while you are in the parks, and opting to not use the finger scanners is something we suggested guests can do. So we’re happy to see that Disney is taking coronavirus seriously and continues to look out for guest and Cast Member health and safety.

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If you are in the parks this weekend to experience them before they close, note that Disney has placed hand sanitizing and hand washing locations all throughout the resort. You can locate these on the My Disney Experience app and read all about them here.

This is a developing story. As we find out more information regarding how Disney is taking coronavirus precautions this weekend as they prep for temporary park closures on Monday, we will update Inside the Magic.

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