Comments for Disney World Limits Use of Fingerprint Scanners as Coronavirus Concern Grows

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  1. Harley

    I think they should keep this in affect even after they reopen in april! Jic some are still scared it be good practice! Even though cms i am sure will still be attached to Clorox rags and sanitizer as we all will be from here on out!
    Stay safe everyone & magic will continue real soon!

    1. Jackie

      I never though honestly about sanitizer or traveling w clorox rags actually until i stayed outside of the park area and saw how unkempt those hotels are! Also parks outside the orlando area just leave something to be desired! But also it makes you truly think how often to you visit the restroom and really wash your hands etc probably not as often as you should in this environment virus or not! Lets all remember common cold is easily caught and you just got to ride that out!

      1. Mark

        I can not wait till the world goes back to normal!

  2. Rebel Porg

    I heard they might change the machines bc of all this! But they have so much more important construction i doubt it!

  3. JoyC

    I agree about wanting things to get back to “normal” but I’m really looking forward to when there is no more tears or pain from sickness at all.

    1. Harley

      I agree but sadly everyone forgot getting sick and praying its all end is part of life! God bless you and your family joy hopefully it will be over sooner than later!

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