Disney Encourages Magic at Home with New Parks App Update

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While stuck at home you may be trying out all sorts of new things to keep yourself occupied. Whether that be completing a new puzzle, re-decorating your home, or finally taking some time to start a new hobby, staying creative and inspired is a must during times like these! 

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Disney Aims To Keep Us Creative With New Update

Luckily for all of us, Disney has stepped up to the plate as usual, coming up with new ways to entertain us all with a little extra Disney magic from the comfort of our homes. If you’ve checked out the My Disney Experience app for Walt Disney World in Florida or the Disneyland Parks app for Disneyland in California, you’ve likely noticed some amazing additions that were never there before! 

One of my favorite new changes to the app is the addition of the “Disney Parks Artist Studio” section. In this section, you can follow step by step tutorials to learn how to draw Mickey Mouse himself! 

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Disney Parks Artist Studio

To find this artists section, just open the app and scroll down the page until you see the logo for the “Disney Parks Artist Studio.” The video that appears will take you through the drawing course, step-by-step, until you’re able to create your very own Disney masterpiece. 

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Step-By-Step Guide

First you’ll want to follow the video to create the classic Mickey Mouse Silhouette, by drawing the three circles that will make up his head and ears.

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Using a lightly drawn cross, you’ll draw his eyes and nose just above the center-point inside of the main circle. 

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The smile could get a little tricky, so follow the video closely to create that iconic grin and then you’re almost finished!

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The last thing you’ll want to do is outline the details on Mickey’s face and shade in his head and ears! 

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This easy to follow art course is a great activity for all ages to do at home, and provides a relaxing and magical creative outlet to pass the time!

You can also learn how to draw Sven from Frozen by heading over to our Learn to Draw Frozen’s Sven With a Disney Animator article here.

Will you be drawing Mickey Mouse? Let us know how you do in the comments!

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