Social Distancing Approved: BEAUTIFUL Handmade Disney Cards and Bookmarks!

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Credit: Instagram @SpiranthesCards

As social distancing protocols continue around the world, more and more people are turning to letters and cards to stay in-touch with loved ones. The sudden and unexpected return of snail mail is, perhaps, one of the positive things to come out of self isolation! 

If you’ve been searching for cute cards to send to your friends and family during quarantine, look no further. Instagram user @SpiranthesCards offers gorgeous hand drawn Disney cards that are sure to bring a much-needed smile to your loved ones’ faces.

This Baby Yoda card is one of our favorites. The Mandalorian’s cutest character holds a heart and has the cutest expression on his face!

We’re also obsessed with this super sweet Rapunzel card. Disney’s Lost Princess sends a flurry of kisses to the recipient. This adorable card is sure to brighten even the most depressing day!

@SpiranthesCards also creates stunning stained glass inspired Disney bookmarks. Since many of us are reading more than we have in years right now, this is the perfect time to invest in some gorgeous Disney Princess bookmarks both for personal use and to send in your cards!

This stained glass version of Snow White is a gorgeous way to mark your page in whatever book you’re currently reading. We love the details, including Snow’s iconic red bow and, of course, an apple!

We’re also obsessed with this Princess Jasmine bookmark that features a magic lamp and a mysterious looking background, reminiscent of the smoke that comes out of the lamp with Genie in the animated film.

Another thing we love about @SpiranthesCards is that lesser known Disney characters are also featured. Tarzan merchandise isn’t incredibly easy to find, but this Jane bookmark is the perfect choice for would-be explorers everywhere! It features vines in the background, paying homage to Tarzan and Jane’s relationship.

Are you going to purchase Disney character cards and bookmarks during social distancing? Which of the featured Disney Movies do you like best? Don’t forget to check out all of the offerings (including many more Disney Princess bookmarks!) at @SpiranthesCards on Instagram.

in Artwork, Disney, Merchandise

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