Would you like one of these incredible Star Wars fire pits in your backyard?

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Tie Fighter fire pit

Credit: Michael Finney

Star Wars is a wonderful thing. Over the years we’ve had everything from t-shirts, hoodies, and cups to waffle makers, aquariums and even Wampa rugs (seriously).

Now, artist, Michael Finney has created Star Wars themed fire pits and they are something we never knew we needed until seeing them. They are perfect for those cold winter nights where burning wood and sitting around the fire is the perfect way to stay warm.

The amazing metal artist has created fire pits to look like Darth Vader, R2-D2, and a Tie Fighter.

The Darth Vader fire pit is certainly high up on the list of ones I’d like to purchase for my backyard.

These Star Wars fire pits are all custom built by Michael and take hours of hard work to get right. We think you’ll agree that the hard work is worth it though, check out some of his amazing work below:

This awesome Darth Vader fire pit fits perfectly in the backyard of anyone who is a fan of the dark side o the force. The level of detail that Michael managed to get into this fire pit is just insane! Especially considering this was his very first fire pit build!

The Tie Fighters are our personal favorite and the Tie Interceptor is something we would jump at the chance to have in our backyard:

Tie Fighter fire pit
Credit: Michael Finney

It isn’t just Star Wars fire pits that Michael works on, he also works on a range of other metal works including sculptures of droids like C-3PO and everyone’s current favorite Star Wars character, Baby Yoda!

Baby Yoda fire pit
Credit: Michael Finney

The amount of work that goes into these fire pits and sculptures is ridiculous, you can see the process that Michael went through to get to a completed BB-8 in his Instagram video below:

His other steel creations include a Death Star, a Mandalorian helmet and R2-D2 but it’s the metal firepits that really shine, they look like something straight out of the Star Wars comics.

If you’re interested in one of these wood burning wonders for your patio then reach out to Michael over on his Instagram. We’d like to see him take on Yoda, The Death Star, and other famous Jedi!

Let us know in the comments below what Star Wars character you would have as a fire pit or metal sculpture! 

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