“I Will Not Be Going There”: Fans React To Disney Park Ticket Price Hikes

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Disney Ticket Price Increases Fans React

A few days ago, both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort raised the prices on their Annual Passes and some of their ticket options. Now, some vocal theme Park fans have taken to social media with something to say about it.

“Seriously? @Disney” wrote one angry fan on Twitter. “Are you out of your minds? I will never go to Disney Parks again. $209 to stand in lines & be with a million people in a small Park? No thanks – guess they don’t make enough on the rest of the overpriced stuff.”

Another person complained, saying, “I just read on Facebook that the ticket price for Disneyland jumped up to $200 per person for one day. “So I know I will not be going there.”

Another fan decided to bring the company’s founder into the debate claiming “Walt is spinning in his grave.” He said, “His dream was AFFORDABLE entertainment for families. Not something that you have to take a loan out or save up for years to do. It’s a shame. #Disney”

But, some fans are not letting these price hikes stop them from getting their Disney fix. They are a reminder that no matter how fast the prices go up, there will always be those Disniacs that will continually renew their Annual Pass. No matter what.

No matter how much the prices go up, Disney theme parks will still be complete because they will continue to see that the price is worth the experience.

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What do you think of the price increases on Disneyland and Walt Disney World tickets? Do you believe they are justified? Do they deter you from taking a trip to a Disney theme Park in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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