Comments for “I will not be going there”: Fans React to Disney Park Ticket Price Hikes

Disney Ticket Price Increases Fans React


  1. Paul R Davis

    That is how they pay for the new lands and attractions, I use to work there. Every Part of the company must stand alone to keep going.

    1. Vic

      That’s the point, people. The parks have been very crowded, even in the so called ‘ slow season’.

      1. Harley

        There isnt a slow season its always busy and while many would be like then they have enough to make it through the day why hike… guess what folks they open new rides and have to maintain em that takes… money! You need to pay cms the right wages that takes… money! Merchandise needs to be made those people need to be paid to make it before you buy it and whats that take…. money!! Forget everyone involved in keeping dak upkeep…
        Yes i could argue when i was a kid it was $200 for an out of state annual but the fact is there was also 3 parks and no real major attractions (by major i mean pandora etc) between em! When my folks use to go as kids it was pay as you go and $50 to get in but then again that was only mk!

  2. Ed Kelemen

    I won’t be gong there.

  3. Sherri S Stone

    I have not been to disney in 5 years. I just can’t afford it. I have never seen avitar except to drive by. I never seen toy story land, and i have not seen star was land. It’s not looking good to see any of it any time soon either

  4. Kelsie

    I wish American salaries inflated as much as Disney tickets did!

    1. Amen to that!

      1. Colleen M Mcginn

        Instead of going to Disney every year people will start to go every 5 years or plan a once in a lifetime trip. Most of the attractions are sponsored by big corporations also. The greedy get greedier! Eventually it will catch up to them and you won’t have to worry about the crowds. Go SeaWorld, Busch gardens and universal!

  5. Christina

    Universal here I come.

  6. I feel Disney has always been overpriced.

  7. jean m reed

    Last time I took my kids to Disneyland I told them we could have spent two weeks in Europe for the same price (We stayed at Disneyland hotel, etc., park hopper passes for five days). Guess who doesn’t want to go to Disneyland anymore. Go out and see the world people. Oh, and don’t use Disney for your travel guide, see it for yourself. Sorry D-land, but I’ve got better places to spend my cash.

  8. Connie

    Considering all the new attractions that had been completed and everything new they building in the next few years this will not be the end to end of ticket increases. That’s what it takes to keep people coming year after year. Disney is expected by everyone to go above the normal when it comes to entertainment.

  9. Wilma

    Disneyland tickets are so out of bounds for low or fixed income. I love Disneyland but I am a disabled senior on a low fixed income and Disney tickets are not an option for me. My family is low to middle income earners and just cannot justify or pay for expensive tickets to Disneyland. My grandchildren and great grandchildren would love going to Disneyland but it is just now possible. My granddaughters work hard but Disneyland is not a possiblility for them or their children. There are many low to middle income families who simply cannot afford this expensive entertainment. It just is not affordable. How times change!!

  10. Matt Brewster

    One of these days Diz will raise admission prices so high that even its biggest fans will say “Enough is enough!” and stop going to its parks. What will the Company do then? I can’t wait to find out!

  11. jc

    that’s what happens when Jews take over

  12. Eva

    We used to go 3 times a year to Disneyland. Now we go once a year. I’m disappointed in Disney. But, the fact that its always packed is a problem. How to get fewer people in? Raise the prices. As for the merch, it is largely cheap crap. Someone commented on all that stuff. A cast member flat told me that they pay $1 a piece to have their wallets made. They sell them for $50. They used to have very good, free entertainment with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies – but that’s gone too. I keep praying someone will take over who has the vision of Walt Disney rather than shareholder profits in mind.

  13. Bunny Heim

    I am a WDW lover, DVC member and crazy about anything Disney. I am sooo disappointed at the ticket increase. Aren’t they making enough $ ???? How will families afford it ???? NOT a WALT move !!

  14. Trisha

    Use undercover tourist..way way cheaper and you can get days free on your tickets.

  15. Jackie

    Guess what you do not like it do not go wdw wont miss you! But besides i agree w harley your a bunch of hypocrites one min you want NEW but your not willing to pay for it! Disney has alot more on their plate then just the theme parks so they look to ticket pricing to be income so they can build a safe ride mantain it run it and staff it! Those things do not come cheap! Yes is the price crazy yes but everyone else is raising prices too but bc disney is disney you think its a dame shame! You know what i remember when i paid for parks in ticket books but guess what only mk maybe epcot was open we have 4 parks 2 water parks hotels and new attractions plus classic ones that need to be operational 365… think for a bit please instead of ranting!

  16. Nancy bustamante

    I think that they should keep the prices were they are then it would make people happy

  17. Andrea

    Their workers are underpaid, over crowded parks, rides close for refursh,ticket prices are ridicious. Walt must be turning in his grave. The ceo and board of directors are greedy they are benefiting not anyone else. That is why I renew my Universal pass each year. They give more savings and discounts to their guests.And ticket prices are the best.

    1. Mark

      Thats why cms at universal have annuals or wrk at wdw bc its worse! Or quit! Or like the teenagers that wrk busch or seaworld care! Wdw makes $15 an hr now where are you getting your info its overcrowded bc people are still going unlike you over ranting idiots!

  18. Faithful Friend

    My guess is they’re also probably increasing prices to attempt to make up for the loss of revenue of the park(s) and cruise closures due to the Coronavirus. That and mainly greed… pure, ruthless greed…

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