Moms-to-Be Transform Into Disney Princesses in Photoshoots That Are Pure Magic!

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Disney princess maternity shoot collage

Credit: Vanessa Firme

Whether you have a baby on the way right now or you’re hoping to be a mom in future, maternity photoshoots are probably something you’ve thought about more than once. No matter where you look online, you’ll find ideas for capturing your pregnancy in photographs you can keep forever. 

Brazilian photographer, Vanessa Firme, has taken pregnancy photography to the next level with Disney Princess-themed photoshoots that make moms-to-be truly feel as beautiful as they are. Speaking to Good Morning America, Firme stated, “These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be.” 

Cinderella-themed maternity photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme

All-too-often, the princess narrative ends with a woman’s wedding day, but Firme’s magical photographs prove that the fairytale can continue long after the honeymoon ends. She has helped pregnant moms transform into Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Belle. 

Belle, in fact, was the princess who started it all. Firme’s Disney princess-themed photoshoots began when a future mom wanted images that would honor her daughter, who was to be named Bela. From the start, Firme knew “how magical it would be for her when she saw her own mother dressed as the princess…People loved it and we decided to make more princesses.”

Princess Belle-themed maternity photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme
Snow White themed maternity photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme

The fairytale photo sessions have been so popular that Firme now offers options for moms and their babies after they’re born! These are an adorable memento of one of the most special seasons of life. 

Beauty and the Beast mom and baby photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme

She also doesn’t stop at princesses. Pregnant women are warriors and Firme has turned moms-to-be into superheroes like Wonder Woman, capturing the perfect combination of beauty and strength. 

Wonder Woman themed maternity photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme/Instagram @GraviDiva

One thing that sets Firme’s work apart is the locations she chooses. Every backdrop really looks as though it fell out of a storybook illustration. If you’re planning a photoshoot of your own to preserve memories of your growing family, remember location, location, location! The setting can make or break how magical your images ultimately look on the walls of your home. 

Ariel themed maternity photoshoot
Credit: Vanessa Firme/Instagram @GraviDiva

Although pregnancy can feel like it lasts forever, it is only a fleeting time in a woman’s life. If you’re expecting, you deserve to remember this magical, life-altering experience forever. Let the magic in these stunning princess maternity photos serve as your inspiration to continue writing your family’s very own fairytale ending!

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