What Disney Funko POP! Do You Want to See Next? Just #AskFunko!

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Matterhorn Yeti Funko

Credit: Disney

Do you collect Funko POP! Vinyl Figures? Have you ever wanted one for your collection but had no idea where you could get it, or if Funko ever made it? Well, now you can #askfunko yourself!

The hashtag began trending on twitter by Funko themselves as a way to connect directly to their audience. Earlier this afternoon, @OriginalFunko tweeted, “Time for a surprise Funko Twitter Q&A! We’re going to answer as many questions as possible for the next 30 minutes! #AskFunko”.

Collectors, of course, took advantage. They stopped waiting and took to the Twittersphere to ask Funko their questions. The questions were mostly variations of “When can we expect a (insert obscure character here) vinyl?” or “Do you know where I can find (insert older and probably sold out vinyl here)?” Many were looking for Funko POP!s of Disney or Disney-owned characters that would, arguably, be very popular additions. Including classic Disney movie characters, Disney Channel characters, and Star Wars characters.

Here are some of the tweets we found:

Funko’s original tweet received over 1,100 replies in the span of 30 minutes, and Funko was able to respond directly to more than a few of the requests., including one of our Disney collectors:

But while Funko stopped replying to tweets after 30 minutes, the Twittersphere only continued to build a storm of answers with people still tweeting #askfunko. In order to have the best chance of getting your question answered, we suggest following @OriginalFunko on twitter and watching for them to post their next 30-minute Q&A. Once they are brave enough to step back into the light, respond directly to their tweet.

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Did you partake in #AskFunko? Did you get your question answered? What Disney character would you want to see be made into a FunkoPOP vinyl figure? Let us know in the comments!

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