Have yourself a Wookie little Christmas with these Star Wars Holiday Tunes

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Star Wars Holiday tunes

With Life Day celebrations (including the infamous Holiday Special) concluded, Star Wars fans now turn their attention to another year-end tradition: another Star Wars movie! To bring balance to the galaxy and harmony to the holidays, we’ve uncovered a collection of delightful Star Wars holiday tunes.

Here, classic carols succumb to Wookie vocals and droid duets. Each of these traditional tunes enjoys a stellar Star Wars makeover!

Yoda’s “Christmas Special” aside, we’ve scoured the .com links and the senate archives (aka YouTube) and found a collection of Star Wars holiday tunes, just in time for Christmas. Just as December brings holiday magic to families and friends, the final month of the year also yields another, new, tradition. This year the gift arrives on December 20th. Once again, fans have a new film from the Star Wars saga. In celebration of both year-end events, we offer these force fueled musical gems.

Star Wars Holiday Tunes

“Star Wars theme (Christmas version)”

A holiday version of the main theme kicks off this tribute to the merging of the Star Wars universe and Christmas.

A Star Wars Christmas

Soothing classical guitar performance serves up a stellar six-minute mash-up of familiar Star Wars themes mixed with traditional holiday favorites:

“A Very Merry, Star Wars Christmas (Sleigh Ride/R2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas)”

The 1980, Star Wars Christmas album “Christmas in the Stars” features an appearance by Jon Bon Jovi. This YouTube video combines two songs from the album. Set to scenes from the famous films, enjoy C-3P0 and R2-D2 singing their version of “Sleigh Ride” and “R2-D2, We Wish You a Merry Christmas

“Silent Night”

Not to be outdone by his ‘droid friends, a very animated Chewbacca belts out his own Christmas number. Though the title implies “Silent Night,” the Kashyyyk carol fails to live up to that suggestion.

“Christmas Song – Star Wars parody

Nat King Cole made the original version famous. Though, many may know it as “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire,” “The Christmas Song” now has a Star Wars version. Warning, mild language may not be suitable for all audiences.

This trio of toe-tappers arrive courtesy of Ben and Hannah Randall’s YouTube page. Their entire parody Christmas album, “Padme Did You Know” contains eight entertaining tracks. Want the whole album? Surf over to their website for a free download link.

The Emperor is Coming to Town

I’m Dreaming of a New Death Star

Han Its Cold Outside

Christmas on Tatooine

Sun and sand ruin any hopes of a Christmas mood on Tatooine.  This music video spells it out quite clearly.

Star Wars 12 Days of Christmas

Even Star Wars lacks immunity from this popular holiday song.  “I’ve got a bad feeling about this:” Another 12 Days of Christmas parody.

“O Palpatine” (mild language)

His voice eerily echoes during trailers for “Rise of Skywalker.” Does he return? Well, yes, at least in parody. German traditional carol, “O Tannenbaum” lends a few notes in tribute to Emperor Palpatine.

Bring balance to the holidays

Mixing the movie magic of Star Wars with the holidays adds a bit of force fueled fun for Christmas. Out of this world variations of traditional carols could offer opportunities for new family traditions. Additionally, for fans looking for a holiday parade, tune in festive fun from Hoth.

Bring balance to the season and create an all-new ‘holiday special’: combine Christmas Songs with Star Wars (don’t forget the tree ornaments) and cup of blue milk cocoa for the perfect winter relaxation. Of course, that also requires a Yule log. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered:


Just in case anyone wonders exactly how Lord Vader (with Stormtrooper assistance) reacted to this mix of intergalactic holiday music, we’ve uncovered this clip. Please don’t show Santa Claus.

Source and images: YouTube, ITM Archives


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