New Wickedly Sour Stitch Candy Hits The Disney Parks

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Stitch Extreme Sours Candy Varieties collage

Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM

Ohana means candy and nothing gets left behind, right? Wait no, that’s not right… but it’s something like that! The new sour Stitch candy has filled the shelves all over the Disney Parks and it’s making us snacky! Not just one, but at least seven different varieties of the “Stitch Extreme Sours” Candy like Mike and Ike Mega Mix (not pictured), Sour Chewy Candy, Spicy Mango Gummies, Warheads Cubes, Sour Rainbow Sticks, Mini Rainbow Sour Belts, and Sour Taffy are ready for sale.

Sour Stitch Candy Flavors

The Mini Rainbow Sour Belts, Spicy Mango Gummies, and Mike and Ike Chewy Candy are all $6.29 (the same size bags) and the Sour Taffy (slightly larger with individually wrapped candies) is $7.99.

Stitch Sour Candy display
Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM

Be aware though, that certain flavors have already been a big hit and have been disappearing from shelves. The “Sweet heat” spicy Mango Gummies are sold out in many locations, making us wonder who thought of such a tropically sour piquancy, but we’re glad they did. Tasty!

sweet heat Stitch candy mango flavor
Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM
Stitch Candy extreme sours
Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM
Stitch Extreme Sours warheads
Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM
Rainbow sour candy stitch bag
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Stitch Sour Candy chewy
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Where to Grab Them

You can find these candies everywhere bag candy is sold in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, like the Main Street Emporiums, World of Disney stores, and even Main Street Confectionary. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was long before the Resort gift shops started flaunting these treats to guests! Everyone knows that a sweet tooth or snack craving hits at the worst time!

Stitch Extreme Sours in the Disney Parks on shelves
Credit: Bailee Abell/ITM

Other Sweet Snacks

Be sure to stop by the Main Street Bakery for a Starbucks fix and you can order one of the Frozen inspired Frappuccinos! Or check the guide to favorite snacks at Walt Disney World Resort. Fans of winter will love the cool snacks that will be around until Spring, while the homebodies (like us) for the next few months can settle in with delivery snacks from the Parks!

Starbuck Disney inspired drinks
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