Enjoy authentic Disney World snacks delivered right to your doorstep

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Imagine enjoying authentic theme park sweet snacks directly from Walt Disney World to your home. Subscription box company Boxney makes monthly must have munchies a reality for Disney fans to enjoy.

Available in three different sizes, treats obtained directly from Walt Disney World are shipped across the United States every month. Now Disney fans have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of theme park magic in their own homes on a regular basis.

Subscription box services have been delighting fans for some time. Enter Boxney, a unique subscription service featuring snacks directly from Walt Disney World in Florida. Each monthly goodie box could be filled with treats from any of the resorts theme parks (Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, or Magic Kingdom) or Disney Springs area.

“Boxney is a premium subscription box service sending the love and magic of Disney World directly to you every month. We shop the Disney parks for the best snacks and gifts. We provide and send items that you typically can only receive within the actual park or on Disney property, such as our Goodie Boxes. It’s easy to subscribe and we also offer single box purchases of our most popular boxes and limited-edition boxes throughout the year. Boxney is our love of subscription boxes and everything Disney, thus combining the two into one – ‘Boxney’” –Boxney website

4 magical Must-have munchie boxes to choose from

Boxney offers Disney snacks, sent 2nd day shipping (on the 12-14th of each month) in three different sizes and a Gluten Free option.

Goodie Box (Mini) contains 3-4 magical snacks for $30 a month (+shipping)

Goodie Box (Original) offers 4-7 tempting treats from Disney parks in FL at $60 a month (+ shipping)

Goodie Box (Premium) satisfies snack appetites with 10-15 treats per monthly box costing $110 (+ shipping) each month.

Gluten-Free Goodie Box, at $45/month (+ shipping), serves 4-6 gluten free snacks each month

While these mouth-watering munchies come directly from locations within the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Boxney is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its subsidiaries. Find subscription options and additional information on their website.

Source and images: Boxney Website & Facebook Page


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    $110 for a box of snacks really? And the $30 box only has 4 items. No Thanks.

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    FYI they do not offer international shipping yet and your article states they ship worldwide.

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    I love me some Disney treats and I live across the country, but there is no where on this huge Earth that I would pay $30 for four measly snacks PLUS SHIPPING. Geebus, that’s ridiculous. It’s cheaper to pay a personal shopper to go fetch them for you, and you get to even pick what you really want instead of a bunch of randos left over at the theme parks, likely on clearance.

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    What a great idea! We love Disney snacks and this is a great way to get our ‘Disney fix’ when we can’t make it to the parks.

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    What a rip off!! No way would I spend $110 on theme park snacks.

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