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Disney Goodie box


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    $110 for a box of snacks really? And the $30 box only has 4 items. No Thanks.

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    FYI they do not offer international shipping yet and your article states they ship worldwide.

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    I love me some Disney treats and I live across the country, but there is no where on this huge Earth that I would pay $30 for four measly snacks PLUS SHIPPING. Geebus, that’s ridiculous. It’s cheaper to pay a personal shopper to go fetch them for you, and you get to even pick what you really want instead of a bunch of randos left over at the theme parks, likely on clearance.

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    What a great idea! We love Disney snacks and this is a great way to get our ‘Disney fix’ when we can’t make it to the parks.

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    What a rip off!! No way would I spend $110 on theme park snacks.

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