Find inspiration for your next DisneyBound in the Disney Parks

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Disney Parks DisneyBound

Credit: Laura / @hyphengphotography

Need some DisneyBound inspiration? The recent #BoundtoParkHop challenge brought lots of creative Disney Parks-inspired looks to our Instagram feeds recently and it’s given us so many ideas.

DisneyBounding, in case you’re not familiar, is when you create outfits inspired by your favorite parts of the Disney fandom. Unlike cosplay, DisneyBounding uses regular clothes (that you likely already have in your closet) to create all of these looks.

Disney Parks DisneyBound
Credit: Erynn / @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo

Created by Erynn of @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo the #BoundtoParkHop challenge (and the previous #BoundtoBeVillainous challenge) brought together members of the DisneyBounding community to create looks under these themes for an entire week and share them using the hashtags.

Looking for a new way to express some creativity, Erynn first created the #BoundtoBeVillainous challenge over the summer inviting DisneyBounders from all over to create their own looks and share in the fun. The #BoundtoParkHop challenge took the fun to the next level as DisneyBounders channeled a series of locations around Disney Parks!

These challenges are great if you’re new to DisneyBounding (speaking from personal experience!), so if you’re unsure where to start going with a theme like this can be really helpful. If you’re looking to add a little something different to your next DisneyBound or are wondering how you can channel the theme parks in your looks, check out these looks from the #BoundtoParkHop challenge to see how it’s done:

Favorite Ride

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a classic and we love all the details that brought these looks together, like the pitchfork! If you’ve ever experienced Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride you know how iconic these characters are, and these DisneyBounds are such a fun way to bring them to life with clothing.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is another favorite Fantasyland attraction that is such a blast to channel as a DisneyBound. Mickey’s colors here are nice and simple so you most likely have pieces in your closet that would work well for this Bound.

DisneyBounding has certainly continued to grow in popularity since it was created by Leslie Kay ( and brands have since jumped on the trend by offering their own designs to appeal to DisneyBounders. The dress below is a Hot Topic design (swipe to see the details) and it worked out beautifully for @_cinderleah’s It’s Tough to be a Bug DisneyBound:

Favorite Park Snack

What’s a trip to a Disney park without some popcorn? The texture of the sleeves on this dress was made for a popcorn DisneyBound! If you’re ever stuck trying to come up with a look for something like popcorn with a very specific shape looking for items with some extra tactility to them like this dress can help get the point across:

Could possibly be a dress that’s more suited for a pretzel DisneyBound than this one? The dots on this dress work so well to bring out the salt of the pretzels (and it just goes to show that you can use polka dots for a lot more than just Minnie Mouse!).

This challenge brought out lots of Dole Whip looks (be sure to check the hashtag to see them all!). The colors of a Dole Whip give lots of options to create an outfit from this classic snack, and we’re all about any excuse to grab a Dole Whip for ourselves!

Favorite Land

Toy Story Land, but make it fashion! Pairing a graphic tee with a printed skirt is a great way to bring to life the characters from various theme park lands with your own personal style. Add the right shoes and accessories and you’re ready to go!

These accessories are perfect for Toontown and the red lipstick adds that extra pop of color you see around the land! The design of this top also works really well to be based on buildings with the lines and button, and we just LOVE these sunglasses.

The retro vibes in Cars Land can make for some fantastic DisneyBounds! This dress would be right at home in Cars Land, and you could easily dress it up with some small pumps or dress it down with tennis shoes for a day in the parks.

Favorite Meet & Greet

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things” … to DisneyBound as! @kittenbaum brought some Dapper Day realness to the #BoundtoParkHop challenge with this Tigger bound:

Lady Tremaine is such an underrated villain, and the colors and layering of this DisneyBound are spots on! She may be evil but Lady Tremaine is a classy lady and this look captures just that.


We loved seeing more of The Incredibles throughout the parks this year, so it’s no wonder a couple of these characters made their way into the challenge. A fashion icon herself, Edna Mode is such a fun look to go after any time of the year.

Favorite Show

A little Indiana Jones Disneybound, anyone? Put an Indiana Jones outfit together is so easy and probably one of the best options if you’re hoping to exclusively shop in your own closet.

Here’s a creative look at a Voyage of the Little Mermaid DisneyBound! At first glance, we would have really questioned how this DisneyBound could possibly work, but seeing the show again it’s really clear how this would go. Wearing all black with the finger puppets is just too much fun!

The Festival of the Lion King is routinely praised as one of the highest-rated shows in Orlando, and the same must go for DisneyBounds of the show too! This Festival of the Lion King DisneyBounder looks like she’s ready to jump in and perform in the how at a moment’s notice.

Favorite Disney Hotel

For the “favorite hotel” day of the challenge, I opted for a red swimsuit (like a hotel lifeguard would wear), with a colorful tropical-inspired cover-up and hat inspired by Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Without being able to get to the actual resort for a photo, I headed for my local beach!

Port Orleans – French Quarter always provides a stunning background for Instagram photos, and the DisneyBound below helps capture the beauty of this Disney resort through clothing. This look is another example of how the right accessories and colors can bring out the inspiration behind the outfit in the best possible way.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is only growing in popularity with its recent expansions, and we loved seeing the color palette of the resort represented in this stylish DisneyBound:

How to get involved

If you’re new to DisneyBounding, the easiest way to get involved is simply to get started! Try adding some Disney touches to your clothes and work on creating outfits from what you already own. For upcoming challenges, be sure to keep up with @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo on Instagram and keep an eye on the relevant hashtags so you can engage with others in the DisneyBounding community.

Challenges by @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo typically end with a meet-up in the parks, so if you are local (or happen to be on vacation) be sure to stop by and share in each others’ styles as a group. Lastly, to get involved you’ll want to share your photos as you DisneyBound on Instagram- it’s the easiest way for everyone to scroll through the tags and see what you’re wearing!

Disney Parks Disney Bound
Credit: @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo & @hyphengphotography

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