Plan your look for November’s #BoundtoParkHop DisneyBound challenge!

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disneybound challenge

Credit: Erynn of @thegirlwiththedolewhiptatoo

Miss the last DisneyBound challenge? No worries! The DisneyBound fan community always has something going on with lots of ways to get involved, and we’re excited to share the next style challenge — #BoundtoParkHop!

Before we jump into this event, here’s a quick rundown of DisneyBounding in case you need a refresher: DisneyBounds are styles inspired by Disney characters without being a complete costumed look. Created by Leslie Kay of, the practice grew out of a desire for fans to show off their favorite character looks in Disney Parks without breaking the “no adults in costume” rule, but it’s since taken off so much that some fans even DisneyBound in their day-to-day lives, wherever they may be!

It’s a fun way to show your creative side while adding some Disney magic to your wardrobe whether you’re visiting the parks or heading off for a day in the office. And more importantly, DisneyBounding is something everyone can get involved with- you can most likely find pieces that work for your next DisneyBound look in your own closet, and you can get as detailed or go as basic as you’d like.

The #BoundtoParkHop challenge organized by Erynn of @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo is a true celebration of Disney Parks with each day of the challenge being based on favorite lands, snacks, meet and greets, and more! The challenge will take place from Monday, November 4 to Sunday, November 10, and you do not need to be on vacation or local to the parks to participate. (If you are able to get to the parks though, the event will culminate with a meet up in the Magic Kingdom on November 10 at the Hub Grass.)

disneybound challenge
Credit: Erynn of @thegirlwiththedolewhiptatoo

Here’s the list of prompts to follow if you’re looking to get in on the challenge:

  • Monday, November 4: Favorite Ride
  • Tuesday, November 5: Favorite Park Snack
  • Wednesday, November 6: Favorite Land
  • Thursday, November 7: Favorite Show
  • Friday, November 8: Favorite Meet & Greet
  • Saturday, November 9: Favorite Disney Hotel
  • Sunday, November 10: Favorite Park Outfit

Get involved and follow along with the challenge listed above, and be sure to use #BoundtoParkHop to share your looks on Instagram! Even if you’re not planning to DisneyBound yourself, it’s always fun to follow along on these challenges just to see how creative some of these looks get. And if you’re local to Disneyland, keep up with that hashtag on Instagram as a west coast meet up during this challenge is in the works!

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Will you be joining the #BoundtoParkHop challenge! Let us know in the comments- we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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