9 DisneyBound ideas for Halloween and beyond

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With Halloween approaching and the fall season fully upon us in Disney Parks, what better way to celebrate than by DisneyBounding? Created by Leslie Kay, DisneyBounding is an awesome way to share your love of Disney by dressing in an outfit inspired by a Disney character. If you’re planning on visiting the Disney parks during the Halloween season but didn’t snag a ticket to one of the Halloween parties, then DisneyBounding is your solution to dressing in a character-inspired outfit without wearing a full costume.

Whether you purchase one or two new pieces or get creative with what you already have in your own closet, you can turn any outfit into a DisneyBound. Here are nine DisneyBound ideas to wear during Halloween and beyond.


This Jasmine-inspired look is sure to impress all the Prince Alis out there. To create a look like this one, find any turquoise-colored romper and matching shoes and accessorize with gold jewelry. Finding a tiger purse to represent Jasmine’s companion Raja could be tricky, so you could always wear a Raja pin from the Disney parks instead.


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This Lilo dress from the Oh My Disney collection is perhaps the easiest (and cutest!) way to DisneyBound this season. Available at shopDisney, this dress is an entire outfit in one piece. Pair it with a Scrump accessory like a purse, cup, or pin, and you’re ready to hit the parks or any Halloween party.


This Mulan DisneyBound is sure to turn heads with this Cakeworthy flannel shirt that includes one of the most memorable quotes from the movie. One key element to a perfect DisneyBound is matching the colors of your outfit as closely as possible to the colors that the character wears. Take a look at what pieces in your own closet are most similar to that of Mulan’s outfit, and fill in the gaps after that. Sometimes the most common clothing piece you own could end up being a major part of your own DisneyBound look.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

If you’re a trio visiting the parks or celebrating Halloween, recreate this easy look by each wearing a red, blue, and green shirt and hat to match Donald Duck’s favorite nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie! The yellow shoes are an awesome touch, but if you don’t own any, that’s not a deal breaker. The key element of this DisneyBound is the correctly colored shirts and hats. As long as you have those pieces, you’re ready to rock this “Duck Tales” look!

Snow White

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You’ll be the fairest of them all no matter what, but DisneyBounding as Snow White sure wouldn’t hurt! This top from the Oh My Disney collection at shopDisney can be worn year round, but you can easily turn it into a great DisneyBound. Add a yellow skirt and a red hair bow and you’re the perfect Snow White.


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Let’s face it: the human world is a mess, and life under the sea is way better than anything we’ve got up here. So why not show your mermaid love by rocking these Ariel leggings from shopDisney? All you have to do is find a purple top to represent Ariel’s signature seashells and accessorize with red accents, like a red headband or even an Ariel-inspired bow. To add some Flounder flair, pick up a pin from the Disney parks or add a Flounder handbag.


A Wall-E DisneyBound is our new directive. This creative look is dazzling with Pixar flair, and it can definitely be recreated using pieces from your closet. Take a look at the colors of Wall-E (mustard yellow, brown, gray, black, and white) and add some sunglasses or even goggles atop your head to represent his signature eyes. If you want to turn this into a couple’s or BFF’s DisneyBound look, grab a friend to be your Eve!

Indiana Jones Adventure Cast Member

When in doubt, why not dress like a Cast Member? One of our favorite rides at Disneyland is Indiana Jones Adventure, and this DisneyBound is a great way to showcase your love for the attraction. Choose similar colors and styles to the ones worn by the Cast Members and add a signature Indy hat. If this attraction isn’t your thing, show some love for another Cast Member outfit and create your own DisneyBound based on that! There are so many Cast Member costumes to get inspired by in any season.

Jack and Sally

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“Nightmare Before Christmas” fans rejoice! This DisneyBound is sure to turn heads at any party or park day (and if you meet Jack and Sally in the parks, they will definitely love it). Available at shopDisney, these Jack and Sally clothing pieces from the Her Universe collection stand out just enough to make a statement but are still subtle enough to be a DisneyBound. Whether you DisneyBound as Jack, Sally, or both, your outfit will be on point for your trip to Halloween Town this season.

Have you ever DisneyBounded before? What is your favorite way to show your love for a Disney character?

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