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disneybound challenge

Credit: Erynn of @thegirlwiththedolewhiptatoo


  1. Mark

    Whats the difference between this and dapper days??? I dont get it??

    1. Dapper Day happens 2 times a year at Disneyland and Disney World (and 1 weekend at Disneyland Paris) and is focused on vintage fashion. This style challenge is focused on everyday clothes. They can be as fancy or as relaxed as you are are. I tend to be more retro styled in my everyday life so my DisneyBounds tend to be much more vintage inspired than others.
      Dapper Day takes place inside the parks and is location specific. The style challenge can be done anywhere in the world.

      1. Harley

        I am disney bound everyday bc i dont own sadly anything not attraction wdw related! I love dapper but it is hard walking around in the heat in that much dress vs this is just whatever you feel has the true theme in mind!

  2. I think I may join in this challenge for my first ever!! I am so excited!!

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