Auction: Disney Haunted Mansion stretch room portraits and more

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Here’s a chance to score something unique from Disney’s beloved ghostly retirement home. Two of the original Haunted Mansion stretch room portraits are up for auction this weekend!

Perhaps you know a foolish mortal who has it all? Or, maybe, are seeking the ultimate Mansion collectible? It’s the perfect opportunity to acquire a piece or two of attraction history.

Haunted Mansion stretch room portraits pair

This December, Van Eaton Galleries hosts its largest auction ever. This once in a lifetime event, “A History of Disneyland & Walt Disney World,” features over 1500 items from the parks. Included among the must-have memorabilia, these stretching room portraits are to die for.

“Van Eaton Galleries is proud to present A History of Disneyland & Walt Disney World, an exhibition and auction event from November 12th to December 8th. This auction is our largest ever, containing over 1500 items from the history of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Highlights from this collection include a WED Imagineering file copy of the 1953 Disneyland Prospectus, an original animatronic Small World Doll, , the original Penny Arcade sign, and singing animatronic tiki birds from the Enchanted Tiki Room, as well as additional props, documentation, manuals, cast member attire, and countless other artifacts from the history of the Disney Parks. We hope you join us for the free exhibit leading up to this historic 2-day auction event on December 7th and 8th!” Van Eaton Gallery

Walt Disney at Disneyland

Bid on an Original Haunted Mansion Stretch Room Portraits

We first brought news of this amazing auction last month. Knowing how popular the Haunted Mansion is with guests, this pair of paranormal portraits begged for an additional haunting (closer look).

Haunted Mansion stretch room portrait

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room Portraits hatchet

Disney artist and Imagineer Marc Davis cleverly crafted a quartet of amusing portraits for the mansion’s stretch room. Two of these legendary works of art join the lot of items for auction.

This first painting is a real blast or is about to be. As the iconic stretch room begins to grow the dashing, bearded man, in tuxedo soon reveals that he’s not wearing any pants. Unfortunately, revealing his striped boxer shorts and garters is the least of his worries. As more of the portrait reveals itself, viewers learn that he is standing on a keg of dynamite . . .and fuse is lit!  This particular painting comes directly from Disney’s original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland (Anaheim CA). Bidding begins during session 1 (December 7th) for this item.

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room Portrait

As both the New Orleans Square and Liberty Square versions of the Haunted Mansion came together at the same time, another outstanding original picture comes to the auction from the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Many believe that the rose clutching elderly lady in the image to be none other than the Haunted Mansion bride herself. Even is not the bride this matron seems to have buried the hatchet. . .into the head of “Dear Beloved George.” Is that a smirk on her face as she comfortably sits atop George’s tombstone and freshly dug grave? Bidding begins during session 2 (December 8th) for this item.

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room Portraits

Dying to bid on one or both of these creepy classic collectibles? Make sure to scare up a lot of cash as bidding BEGINS at $100,000 for each item.

More Mansion Memorabilia for auction

Haunted Mansion stretching portraits aside, scores of rare items from within both haunted attractions join several merchandise collectibles for this amazing auction. Some of the thrilling and chilling items shown in the auction catalog include:

  • Attraction Audio Tape
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts Sheet Music with Notes
  • Haunted Mansion “Tomb Sweet Tomb” Prop
  • Servants Quarters Sign
  • Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion Candle Prop

Haunted Mansion Stretch Room Portraits music

Haunted Mansion auction items

Sixty Years of Magic up for bid

“A History of Disneyland & Walt Disney World” takes place at the Van Eaton Galleries on December 7th and 8th. Both sessions commence at 10 am PDT. For a peek at these portraits (and the other 1500 items), drop by the galleries Tuesday through Friday. Doors are open from 10 am to 6 pm. For those who cannot make the auction in person, online options appear on the event website. Find the gallery at 13613 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, California.

Disneyland auction catelog

Disneyland and Disney World auction catelog

Find more details and a pair of catalogs (one for each bidding session) on our original story here.

Source and images: Bloody Disgusting, Disney, Van Eaton Galleries

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