Take that Netflix! Disney+ allows subscribers to skip annoying features

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Disney threw its hat into the streaming ring last week when it debuted its all-new Disney+ streaming service. The new platform opened with a few glitches and somewhere near 500 different films and close to 8,000 TV episodes. With a menu that includes everything from classic Disney films and Disney shorts to Pixar and Marvel films, the majority of the Star Wars catalog of entertainment, National Geographic content and brand-new original series like High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian and more, Disney+ seemingly has it all. Just pick your poison.

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But Disney+ isn’t just using its exclusive content and brand-new made-for-Disney+ content as ammunition in the streaming wars between Disney, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, among others. Yesterday, Inside the Magic brought you the news that Disney+ allows subscribers to make requests for new content online, should they scroll through the copious menu of offerings and still feel short-changed because of content they don’t see on Disney+. All they have to do is make the request for additional content–up to three titles at a time. If three isn’t enough, subscribers can make another request with–you guessed it–another three titles.

Fans can “three-title” it to their heart’s content.

And now we learn that unlike Netflix, Disney+ allows subscribers to disable some of the features that annoy them. One of the biggest complaints among Netflix subscribers is that on its apps, trailers and previews for films automatically play when you hover over them or when you visit the page that details a particular show or film. Netflix fans are often infuriated by this, but there is no way to turn off this feature on any of the various apps for Netflix.

netflix vs. disney
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Disney+ has the same type of feature, but it allows that feature to be disabled across every app and every streaming device–and it’s quick and painless, taking only seconds to disable.

Want to know how to turn off this feature? Here you go:

Simply log into your Disney+ account. Then hover over your avatar located in the top-right corner. Then go to the “Edit Profiles” page. Click on your profile and a screen will pop up that looks like this:

disney+ screen
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Now click the toggle next to the words “Background video” to turn off the feature. Then click “Save.” Wow, that was really easy, wasn’t it? If a friend or family member who shares a login with you wants to also disable the background video feature, he or she needs to do so separately following the same steps with his or her avatar.

Maybe Netflix should take a lesson from Disney+. It pays to have options and flexibility when it comes to available features within the streaming service.

Have you tried to disable the background video on your profile yet? Have you made requests for content not yet available on Disney+? Let us know in the comments section below!

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