Artist reimagines Disney Princesses moments before their happy endings

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disneydreamweaver Painting

Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver

A wise Disney Princess once said, “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” And boy was Princess Tiana right.

That’s exactly what this Instagram user does for a living. He is an amazing and very creative artist and his latest piece is sure to blow you away.

“The Gallery Of Dreams” is a work of art that Instagram user disneydreamweaver has created, which allows viewers to see Disney Princesses from a different perspective.

We always remember our beloved Princesses at their happiest moments after their dreams come true, but this artist reminds us that even these beautiful, strong, and empowering ladies have gone through tough times, too.

He captioned this piece: “The Gallery Of Dreams. I wanted to create a piece showing our favourite heroines in the moments of their stories just before their dreams came true, when all hope seemed lost, to remind us it gets better and to hang in there and keep working towards your aspirations because, like them, we’re stronger than we know . You never know what’s just around the river bend! . Swipe to take a closer look, hope you like ‘em!”


Throughout “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel had to overcome quite a few waves. She struggled with wanting to experience life up on land, but her father believed that was no place for a mermaid. She decided to give up her voice to meet the man of her dreams, but if they didn’t fall in love within 3 days, she would never see her family ever again. You can see the struggles Ariel had to face by looking into her eyes in this beautiful drawing.

Ariel disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver


All Tiana ever wanted was to open up a restaurant with her daddy, and unfortunately at a young age, she suffered the loss of her father. This didn’t stop Tiana from chasing her dreams — she even worked two jobs in order to save enough money for her very own restaurant. She had a deal in place, but she soon found out the deal had fallen through. Just look at her face right after she received the bad news. This, of course, did not stop Tiana from chasing her dreams and she worked twice as hard (overcoming a few more bumps in the road of course).

Tiana disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver


The original “damsel in distress.” Meg is one of the most underrated heroines, in my opinion. She is courageous, strong, beautiful, and doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way. She stands by her opinion and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but that doesn’t mean Meg has internal struggles that she has to live with.

Meg disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver


The Ice Queen is another heroine that has internal battles throughout the entire movie. She has to fight her ice powers so no one knows they exist, but that means fighting a part of who she is. All Elsa ever wants is to just “let it go” and to be herself. But this also means staying away from Arendelle, and her sister, which is one of the toughest decision Elsa has to make.

Elsa disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver

The rest of the gang

Every single Disney heroine has struggles and battles they have to face throughout their story. And this artist portrays the emotion perfectly in these drawings.

Aurora disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver
Moana disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver
Cinderella disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver
Esmerelda disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this work of art tells so much more.

Group disneydreamweaver Painting
Credit: Instagram user @disneydreamweaver

I absolutely love this piece. I think it tells the perfect story and gives insight to everyone who always thinks of Disney Princesses as picture perfect. This is a great reminder to everyone that even the iconic Disney Princesses have struggles in their lives. They may have a kingdom to rule, but that doesn’t make them any different than us.

Bravo, @disneydreamweaver. Fantastic work!

What do you think of @disneydreamweaver’s latest work of art? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Instagram User @disneydreamweaver

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