Artist reimagines Disney Princesses as Instagram travel bloggers

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disney princesses reimagined

Credit: @artofmaxinevee on Instagram

We can’t get enough Disney Princess artwork these days. As fans of powerful Disney heroines, we love seeing artists reimagine the classic princesses in magical new ways — from giving them short hair to drawing them in the style of historic paintings — so when we came across this new artwork, we had to share. One artist reimagined Disney Princesses as though they were Instagram travel bloggers, and it’s everything we never knew we needed.

Maxine Vee, an artist based in Toronto, Ontario, began sharing her unique Disney Princess artwork earlier this year on her Instagram account dedicated to her wonderful creations. The artwork features several motifs of Disney Princesses staring longingly in the distance (we can only see their backs and not their faces) much like Instagram travel bloggers often do.

What makes Vee’s work so wonderfully fitting to each princess is that each illustration is themed after a location that would mean a lot to that princess. Ariel is seen as a human visiting an aquarium; Belle is at a library; Rapunzel is at an art gallery; Elsa is in a winter wonderland; Jasmine overlooks her kingdom at night; Mulan stares out her bedroom window; Cinderella looks longingly at beautiful princess gowns; and Aurora dreams of a castle from afar.

Take a look at a collage and slideshow of Vee’s creations in her Instagram post below:

Vee’s artwork is so special and unique not only because it is done in a style we haven’t seen before, but also because each illustration fits the princess it is themed after so perfectly.

“I want to capture moments of contemplation and surround them in their familiar places,” Vee captioned one of her Instagram posts.

We love the attention to detail that is paid to each Disney heroine’s personality and style. If you pay closer attention, you can tell that these moments are supposedly captured before each princess’s story is resolved. Rapunzel has her signature long locks before Eugene chops them off, Cinderella and Aurora are wearing their pre-princess outfits, and we know we’re not the only ones who love Ariel in her blue dress that she wears before she gets her voice back!

Which of Vee’s Disney Princess illustrations is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Revelist, Maxine Vee

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