Artist reimagines Disney Princesses as famous historic paintings

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Disney Princesses historic paintings

Credit: Carlos Gromo

Have you ever wondered how Disney Princesses would have been depicted in art hundreds of years ago? Thanks to one creative individual, we have an answer! An artist recently reimagined Disney Princesses as the subjects of famous historic paintings, and the results are pure masterpieces.

Carlos Gromo, a Disney fan and artist living in Spain, runs an Instagram page where he shares several examples of his artwork. Gromo’s pieces are primarily Disney-inspired, and he creates not only works like these ones of Disney Princesses as famous paintings but also gender-bent depictions of Disney heroes and heroines and other reimagined versions of popular characters we know and love. From what we can tell from his Instagram profile, Gromo is very creative and often thinks outside the box when it comes to creating interesting art for fans who love Disney just like he does.

We always love finding new, reimagined versions of our favorite Disney Princesses, and Gromo’s work is no exception. We’ve seen Disney Princesses depicted as brides, college students, other races, the Golden Girls, and even with short hair, so once we saw Gromo’s art, we knew we had to share it without Disney-loving readers.

Take a look at some of Gromo’s amazing artwork below!

Charlotte LaBouff and Tiana recreate the 1888 painting The Favourite Poet by Lawrence Alma Tadema:

Jane from “Tarzan” in this adaptation of Sketch of Circe (the Sorceress) by John William Waterhouse in 1911:

Cinderella daydreams in this illustration inspired by Rest in Harvest (1865) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau:

Peter Pan and the Neverland Mermaids as Hylas and the Water Nymphs (1910) by Henrietta Rae:

Aurora and Prince Philip as Hermes and Venus Gazing into a Mirror (1885) by Walter Crane:

For even more beautiful Disney fan artwork, check out Gromo’s Instagram page here.

Which of these Disney Princess works of art is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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