Disney provides thousands of dollars to help those with disabilities

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heavenly hooves

Credit: McCormick Institute

The team at a very special organization in Osceola County, Florida, is full of excitement and anticipation as they were the recipients of a generous grant from the Disney Grants Program.

This week, Cast Members with the Disney Grants Program were thrilled to present the McCormick Research Institute with a donation of $75,000 to help support and further the amazing, life-changing services provided by the Institute’s “Heavenly Hooves and Horses” programs in central Florida.

Disney Grants program
Credit: Disney

Since 2002, Heavenly Hooves and Horses programs have served more than 25,000 people of all ages living with disabilities. The program provides interactive equine therapy to its patrons and teaches them to groom, care for and ride horses. The program offers riding classes for those with disabilities, as well as competitive riding.

heavenly hooves
Credit: McCormick Institute

The program exists to improve the skills and quality of life of the individuals it serves. The program also focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills, fostering cooperation, increasing language skills and vocabulary, building self-esteem and encouraging the expression of positive emotions.

The contribution from the Disney Grants Program will go toward supporting the Institute’s continuing research to improve the social functioning and language and motor skills of veterans and children with cognitive disabilities.

Cast Members from Walt Disney World met at the Heavenly Hooves’ ranch along with veterans and families who are part of the program to meet those who really make the magic happen with the horses, whose names include “Tinkerbell,” “Freedom,” “Faith” and “Penny.”

See what the program is all about in the video below and be there for the moment when the McCormick team was presented with the grant from Disney!

The grant to central Florida’s McCormick Institute is the first of nine grants that will be presented by the Disney Grants Program. Stay tuned to learn about the next grant Disney will award.

disney grants
Credit: Disney

As a giant company with huge revenue, do you think Disney is doing its part? What’s the most worthy cause you’ve seen Disney support? Let us know in the comments below!

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