Comments for Disney provides thousands of dollars to help those with disabilities

heavenly hooves

Credit: McCormick Institute


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    do you have anything for a 56 yr.old handicapped persoin.?like to get around,and do you have anything for an 86 yr.old mom to help get around walt disney world.?

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    I love how you help the disabled in donations but not everyone is make a wish and needs assistance your das card is no gac…. and your help w WC is just as bad as universal which is saying something painful… where your in a WC thats good enough for you isnt it?! I understand that coming out of a uni rude tm mouth not wdw! (Btw that was said to me at uni bc of my family members are wc bound).
    Just bc people have needs that might be invisible to you doesnt mean they dont need help!

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      I wouldnt say they are as bad as uni bc they have no guest service at all and rather curse you out and tell you its your problem like you said… wdw at least tries to help das isnt gac but it helps something!
      Quote you from other comments if you hate wdw policies etc why go?

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