Why you should plan a Disney vacation without kids

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Walt Disney World for adults

Credit: Disney

A guest’s rant about “childless millennials” at the Walt Disney World Resort recently went viral on Facebook. While the post made its way around the internet, millennials and guests of older generations as well who frequent the parks without kids began expressing their opinions in support of their visits to the parks without children.

Generational differences (and viral social media posts) aside, there is lots to love about vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort without kids in tow. From focusing more on adult beverages to slowing it down while touring the parks, visiting without kids can be an entirely different and just as enjoyable (if not more enjoyable) experience. Here’s what you can expect on your next “childless” Disney vacation:

Making your own plans

Walt Disney World for adults
Credit: Disney

One of the most difficult parts of bringing kids to a theme park, especially when they’re on the younger side, is working your day in the parks around their needs. Meltdowns with young kids are sometimes inevitable with heat, humidity, and lots of lines, and throw in a much later bedtime routine and you’ve got a recipe for some tired (read: cranky) kiddos. This means more breaks, less time staying out late in the parks, and more time managing meltdowns, all things that are worth the rest of the vacation on a family trip, but also things that wouldn’t be terrible to miss out on during an adults-only vacation.

Saving money

The more guests you’re paying for, the more expensive your trip is going to be. And “adult” pricing in Disney starts at just 10 years old, which means bringing the kids can get expensive from the moment you purchase your park tickets. Moreover, adult prices for picky eaters in restaurants or on the dining plan can be poor value and it can sometimes be difficult to dissuade kids from buying unnecessary souvenirs (especially when most attractions exit through a gift shop).

Packing light

Walt Disney World for adults
Credit: Disney

Disney trips with kids typically come with strollers, snacks, water bottles on hand, toys/games and whatever else the kids may need throughout the day. With only adults, however, you can pack light knowing your whole group will be able to take care of their own bags and maybe even skip bringing a bag altogether.

21+ events and activities

Visiting the parks during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival? While many aspects of the festival are totally family-friendly, some are not. There is probably only so much tasting at the outdoor kitchens even the most patient kids can take, and if you have the kids with you attending special events like beverage seminars will not be possible. There are also select locations around the Walt Disney World Resort that are 21+, and while you would typically go to these locations later at night on a family vacation you’ll need to coordinate and pay for childcare first.

Smaller groups are easier to manage

Walt Disney World for adults
Credit: Disney

One of the biggest advantages to a couples’ getaway or solo trip to Walt Disney World is the smaller size of your party. Everything from coordinating plans to getting through crowds is easier when you only have yourself and maybe one other person to worry about. And since parties of one or two are not nearly as common as parties of say three-five, you’ll have a much easier time finding last minute dining reservations or seats at shows that are about to start.

Travel during the “off season”

Us Disney fans are always quick to point out that there is no such thing as an off season anymore, but there are still weeks that are much less crowded in the parks than school vacation weeks. Whether you’re leaving the kids at home or you don’t have kids to worry about in the first place, not being limited to school schedules can make a Disney trip that much better. Plan around the Epcot festival you’re most interested in or visit during a “slow” time of year while the kids are at school.

More dining options

Victoria & Albert's
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One of the best things about visiting the Walt Disney World Resort with kids is that every restaurant is going to be extremely accommodating to picky eaters. Still, knowing that you’re planning your dining reservations around picky eaters may deter you from certain restaurants you’d otherwise enjoy. While accommodating, some of Disney’s signature dining experiences may not be best-suited for the whole family, and if you’re looking to splurge on Disney’s AAA Five-Diamond dining at Victoria and Albert’s there is actually an age limit of 10 or older.

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Do you usually visit the Walt Disney World Resort with kids or do you enjoy an adults-only trip in the mix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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