Video of CBD Oil Grandmother’s Arrest Tells Different Story Than She Originally Claimed

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Hester Burkhalter

Credit: Fox 35 News

UPDATE: 05/21/19

Body-camera video released of Orange County deputies arresting a great-grandmother who was found in possession of CBD oil at Walt Disney World tells a different story from her original claims of her arrest.

Hester Burkhalter, 69 was arrested on April 15 at a Walt Disney World checkpoint after an Orange County deputy found CBD oil in her purse.

Hester Burkhalter, a woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney
Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

In new Body-camera footage released Tuesday, the video shows Burkhalter being handcuffed and then respectfully placed into the backseat of a patrol car before being allowed to sit in the front after complaining about suffering a panic attack.

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In the video, Burkhalter struggles to get her leg into the car and asks for help from the deputy who kindly helps the woman. “Push my leg up, please. There. Thank you,” Burkhalter said.

In the video, it’s clearly seen that the deputy who drove Burkhalter to jail kindly cleans off the front seat before helping her into the patrol car.

Hester Burkhalter, a woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney
Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

During the ride, Burkhalter even chats with the officer, saying: “You know, I had some CBC oil. You know, got it in North Carolina, and I had no idea.”

Throughout the rest of the video, Burkhalter seems calm and the deputy even asks Burkhalter if she needs anything.

After the state attorney dropped the charge against the great-grandmother, she hired attorney Ben Crump in the intention of suing Disney and the Sheriff’s Office.

Burkhalter claimed: “He was very mean, he was cruel,” during a news conference.

Hester Burkhalter, a woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney
Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Her attorney Crump stated: “Horrific treatment that they placed upon this church-going, law-abiding grandmother.”

According to WESH, regardless of how the situation looks, Hester said she was humiliated, her dream family vacation was ruined, and she claims she was unjustly accused.

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To see the full video, you can head over to WESH.

Original Story:

Hester Burkhalter, the great-grandmother recently arrested at Walt Disney World for being in possession of CBD oil, is fighting back. The 69-year-old great-grandmother has filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney World.

Represented by Florida civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Burkhalter is claiming that she endured illegal detention, false arrest, and violation of her civil rights.

Ben Crump Photo Credit:

Attorney Crump is a high-profile civil rights attorney in Florida with multiple noteworthy prior clients, including Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old African-American teen from Miami that was fatally shot by George Zimmerman. He has also appeared as an attorney in the reality court TV show “You the Jury,” which had a short run on TV. Crump will be working on the case with co-counsel Michele Rayner, another top-rated attorney in Florida

Crump shared with Fox 35 that he and his client are preparing to sue both Orange County and Disney unless, per Fox 35, “they take responsibility for their actions.” Fox 13 reports that the attorneys also stated, “While Ms. Burkhalter’s charges have since been dropped, her family’s dream vacation will always be remembered as a nightmare complete with 12 hours detained in jail after this false arrest…We expect better from Walt Disney World and demand a public apology while we pursue all avenues for justice for her.”

Woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney, raises legal debate
Credit: Disney

From public statements made by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, it is clear what their primary defense will be. Fox 13 reports, “The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says under Florida law possession of CBD oil without a prescription is currently a felony.”

Furthermore, “Deputies are responsible for enforcing Florida law and Orange County ordinances,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Although CBD oil is illegal without a prescription, our top drug enforcement priority and focuses at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is to get deadly drugs, like heroin and fentanyl, off the streets of our community.”

As we previously shared, Burkhalter had stated that she was taking the CBD oil on the recommendation by her North Carolina doctor to help her with arthritis. While Burkhalter did not possess a prescription, which would suggest the arrest was technically lawful, the Sheriff’s department’s stance on this particular drug also helps explain why she was released without being charged.

How this ultimately plays out is yet to be seen, but stay with Inside the Magic for updates on this developing story.

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