Comments for Video of CBD oil grandmother’s arrest tells different story than she originally claimed

Hester Burkhalter

Credit: Fox 35 News


  1. Ladybat2

    GOOD! GOOD! I HOPE THEY SUE THE HELL OUT OF DISNEY AND ORANGE COUNTY! It would be a win for all citizens where our personal civil rights are concerned!

    1. uncletuna

      Hey, DingBat, she’s nothing but a capitalist pig, how ’bout that?

  2. You can buy CBD oil at Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s everywhere now. This is a big mistake by Disney and I’m very disappointed that this was the route they took.

    1. EllieB

      Disney is private property and they can pick and choose what they allow on it. Don’t like it? Do go.

  3. Harley

    Sadly there are probably criminals out there that god forbid want to come in to do something really bad and you stopped poor grandma and her medicine? Cbd oil or not wdw your making this mom laugh all the way through the no bag line!

    1. Ken

      It is still illegal in Florida..(and you really think all of security was on this one person? be real)

  4. Richard Young

    Possession of THC oil without a prescription is a felony,Not CBD. please report properly, CBD is legal and sold in all 50 states.

    1. Ken

      except in Florida. The laws are behind. As of now, CBD oil is illegal in Florida until the law is changed.

      1. Ladybat2

        Then why is it sold in smoke shops all over Florida if its illegal?

  5. Ken

    How was her rights violated?

  6. Jim Radcliff

    I hope she sues them. It’s ridiculous. Every pharmacy and gas station sells the cbd oil.

  7. Maggie

    omg ! capitalism ! OMG ! Another brainwashed sheeple lemming that was taught making and keeping your own money is BAD ! Pure idiocy.

  8. Ken

    so were bongs.

    I’m not saying the law isn’t wrong. It is and they are moving to change it but Disney was not legally in the wrong here.

    1. Ladybat2

      The judge threw the case out because there was no proof she broke any laws. I doubt a high profile civil rights attorney like the one taking her case would defend her if he thought Disney was not legally wrong. When YOU say Disney is not in the wrong legally here, that is your own personal NON QUALIFIED opinion. Not a proven fact. You are a random person on the internet and her attorney has a Florida license to practice law. I prefer to wait and see what the court says about it or if Disney decides to pay restitution in order to avoid all the bad publicity that might cause them to loose business. Especially the business of patrons such as myself who like to vape and also uses CBD oils. Lately Disney’s draconian rules in regard to smokers and vapors are way out of line and Disney needs to consider that a huge part of their business are not only Americans like me but tourists from Europe who tend to smoke and vape a lot more than Americans do. The mouse needs to check himself on his recent decision making skills or lack of.

      1. Ken

        ..I am a random person on the internet who can google florida law and cdb. It is not that hard. The lawyer took the case because it is disney. The body cam showed she was treated well.

        Oh and vaping is not allowed in park either now

        1. Ladybat2

          You are correct. Vaping is not allowed inside the park but they are allowing guests to bring their vape pens in because they allow them to exit the park and vape in the smoking areas in front of each park. They can bring them in they just can’t vape them inside. Which is a pretty stupid move by Disney because vapers will vape inside any way. In the bathroom stalls and all sorts of other places because some vape pens are so small and put out very little mist. Also now Disney’s clean up crew will be picking up cigarette butts from all over the place because smokers will also keep smoking any chance they can get as well when before they were contained in their own areas away from other guests. No way they will walk all the way outside the parks to do it. And unless disney wants to hire bouncer type cast members to police smokers and vapers then this smoking vaping ban is a really stupid idea. Next time you are at a Disney park. Look on the ground and see the cigarette butts there that were not there before because they were contained in their own areas.

          1. Ken

            As a two time former cast member, I can tell you that smokers, usually did not follow the rules when they were given their own place, I hope disney strongly enforces this ban

        2. Ladybat2

          Then its good that you are a FORMER cast member. I will vape just like I’ve always done at Disney parks. Only now I’ll just have to do it in bathroom stalls instead of the smoking sections they used to have around the park. I will not walk all the way to the front and exit the parks to do something that is for myself and is does no harm to any one else around me. So former Disney cast member you can F off!

          1. Hal Mercahnd

            Again, someone who wants to make their own rules. If you dont like Disney rules.. then do not go and give them your money

          2. Ladybat2

            “Again, someone who wants to make their own rules. If you dont like Disney rules.. then do not go and give them your money”– Hal Mercahnd

            And AGAIN. I will continue to go to the Disney parks only now I will vape in the bath room stalls as often as I feel the need or wish to do so since there are no more smoking sections inside the parks for me to vape in. And there is nothing you or Disney can say or will be able to do about it.

  9. tinkerbell

    A capitalist pig want to be suing a capitalist pig company is about that. lol

  10. tinkerbell

    It is just that the law making it legal does not go into effect on their books till July first. It is legal federally that is how the shops sell it.

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