Great-Grandmother Arrested for Having CBD Oil at Walt Disney World

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Woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney, raises legal debate

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A 69-year-old woman from North Carolina looking to enjoy a magical trip to Walt Disney World with her family was arrested in front of Magic Kingdom after being in possession of CBD oil, which was recommended to her by a North Carolina doctor.

Hester Burkhalter, the great-grandmother looking to enjoy the Disney Parks with her family on a once-in-a-lifetime trip told Fox 35 News that she had been planning this trip for the past two years, only to end up arrested with a felony charge and a 12-hour stay in jail before posting bail.

Woman arrested for having CBD oil at Disney, raises legal debate
Credit: Fox 35 News

Burkhalter told Fox 35 that she had been taking the CBD oil on the recommendation by her North Carolina doctor to help her deal with her arthritis, which she suffers from in her arms, legs, and shoulder.

Like all Walt Disney World guests, Burkhalter had to go through the bag check line outside of the Transportation and Ticket Center, where her bag underwent inspection. This is where the CBD oil was found inside of her purse, which Burkhalter said she had a letter from her doctor for. However, this was not enough for Florida deputies.

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After security found the CBD oil, Burkhalter was then arrested on the property and taken into custody.

According to Burkhalter, the arrest came as a shock. She didn’t know what to think, “I never had but one speeding ticket in my life. I’ve never been in a jailhouse before,” said Burkhalter.

According to Fox 35 News, the CBD oil Burkhalter had been taking was said to contain 0 MG of THC, which is what gets you high in marijuana. However, according to Burkhalter’s arrest report, it was said that a deputy had tested the oil and found that it did come back positive for THC.

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According to state law, any CBD is illegal in the state of Florida unless you have a prescription. Prosecutors later dropped the charges against Burkhalter, but the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said its deputy was following the law.

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Fox 35 reports that once a recently passed hemp bill is signed into law, CBD oil will become legal in the state of Florida. This will allow state residents to legally use the product for uses similar to Burkhalter anywhere, including the Florida theme parks, such as those found at Walt Disney World.

Source: Fox 35

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