Take a magic carpet ride to Agrabah when you visit this breathtaking “Aladdin”-inspired cafe

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Aladdin-inspired cafe and Alladdin-inspired colorful drink

Credit: The Grounds

After seeing Disney’s new live-action remake of “Aladdin” in theaters this weekend, all we want to do is visit the gorgeous city of Agrabah. The set design for the film was breathtakingly beautiful, with colors and textures that would make anyone believe Agrabah is real. Well now, Disney fans can experience a café inspired by the movie “Aladdin” itself. Trust us: you’ll be booking your magic carpet ride to visit as soon as you see these photos.

Aladdin inspired cafe
Credit: The Grounds of Alexandria

At a café in Sydney, Australia, called The Grounds of Alexandria, the magical world of “Aladdin” has been brought to life. This café took inspiration from Disney’s latest live-action fairytale to create an immersive experience for all of its visitors. The Grounds of Alexandria was transformed into an immersive wonderland straight out of “Aladdin.” From opulent décor, including gorgeous gold and draperies, to romantic lighting and even Disney-inspired additions to its menu, this café truly is a Disney lover’s paradise.

Aladdin Cafe
Credit: The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria even created a Cave of Wonders, Marketplace, and a palace-like Courtyard, so you truly feel like you’ve stepped into the world of “Aladdin” the second you enter this amazing café. The Grounds of Alexandria is known for being an “Instagram-famous” location for locals to Sydney and tourists alike, and we can see why. By the looks of these photos, it would be impossible to take a bad picture in this place. 

Aladdin cafe in Sydney Australia
Credit: The Grounds of Alexandria

The café also created an “Aladdin”-inspired menu so fans can indulge on Disney goodies and feel like they are actually a part of the magic. The menu includes delicacies like a chocolate and orange blossom mousse-layered pistachio sponge cake with a golden lamp on top, a Three Wishes Dessert Board coming with a platter of sweet delights, and a color-changing mocktail appropriately called Magic Carpet Ride. Take a look at some of the photos The Grounds of Alexandria shared on Instagram below:

If you’re the ultimate “Aladdin” fan and you can find a good deal on plane tickets, we highly suggest making the trip to Sydney so you can experience this awesome Disney-themed café before it closes on June 16. We hope locations in the U.S. will take inspiration from The Grounds of Alexandria to bring immersive experiences like this to cafes in the states! For now, we’ll be booking our magic carpet ride as soon as possible.

What Disney movie would you like to see as the inspiration for a café like this one? Let us know in the comments!

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