Most expensive merchandise item available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is $25K

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

Credit: Disney

The opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort is shattering the galaxy as fans from all over the world are already sneaking a peek at all the exciting new merchandise coming to the lands from the employee preview. As one might imagine, theme park merchandise can run you a pretty penny. However, it seems one item coming to the lands will set you back $25,000.

When Disney Imagineering created Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, they wanted to appeal to the hardcore Star Wars fans who are incredibly dedicated to the intergalactic franchise. And to do so, Disney went the extra mile with everything going into the land, including its theming, food offerings, attractions and most importantly, merchandise.


Most who have followed the development of the land by now probably know that the Droid Depot shop is the place to go to build custom remote-controlled droids. Most of which, will run you around $99. However, what some may not know about this new shop is one specialty item that is not only custom-built, but also reported to be a highly-functioning replication of one of the most famous droids ever known: R2-D2.

According to /Film, this new $25,000 droid will be a life-sized remote control R2 droid of your choosing. Guests will be able to custom build the unit and choose its colors, head and make it whatever you want it to be.

/Film says this droid is no toy as it is the same kind of R2 droid that can be seen in the movies or at Comic-Con. The head moves, the droid beeps, the lights all light up. “This is as real as it gets.”


It’s said this new toy could be the most expensive non-limited edition item ever sold in Disneyland. For $25,000, you get the droid, which features working lights, sounds, electronics, an aluminum head, wireless remote control, and a charger.

For those serious about this endeavor, be warned, this price does not include tax or shipping. Also, for those banking on their Annual Passholder or Cast Member discount, think again as neither of these can be applied to this purchase.

What are your thoughts on a $25,000 R2-D2 droid to be available for purchase in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: /Film


  1. McG

    The manufacturer of these units (same droid maker seen at all the cons) sells the same fully functional R2 unit for 10k.!!!
    … Does WDW really need to make a 15K markup, how greedy can you get.??!? 😡😡😡

    1. robert

      Who is the manufacturer?

  2. Joyce Lindsey

    Thank you for the information. Often you can get Disney merchandise straight from the manufacturer for a great deal less.

    1. jeannell m williams

      Not always. I think it depends on the company. I got my first saber at WDW for about 200$ but when I went through the manufacture it was around 400$ for the same one.

  3. Andrew

    It’s still just a remote controlled toy- if it was a real AI powered droid (even if limited), then might be worth it but not nearly worth the cost for something that i have to manually control.

    1. Harley

      I literally was just about to say the same thing. Esp from a collectors stand point where money is nothing 25k is still alot for a R2 thats not like real R2. No offense but for anyone ? Disney prices now… i make shirts bc i am good w logos and to save $30-50! Theres no sense to that either nor why does everything need a spirit jersey ?!?

  4. CD

    Are you kidding Disney over the past 20-25 years has been showing the greed like crazy. Reducing staff, cutting AP benefits and increasing ticket prices to an astronomical ammount. They litterly almost charge for everything I’m waiting for them to start charging to use the bathroom. There most recent greed was they started charging to park at hotels you stay at even though they have plenty of parking.

  5. Lydia Snyder Brotherton

    Hope that comes with free shipping.

    1. jeannell m williams

      I don’t believe so.

  6. jeannell m williams

    Why are ppl freaking out? Just don’t buy it. Personally eBay or amazon has better.

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