Comments for Most expensive merchandise item available at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is $25K

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

Credit: Disney


  1. McG

    The manufacturer of these units (same droid maker seen at all the cons) sells the same fully functional R2 unit for 10k.!!!
    … Does WDW really need to make a 15K markup, how greedy can you get.??!? ???

    1. robert

      Who is the manufacturer?

  2. Joyce Lindsey

    Thank you for the information. Often you can get Disney merchandise straight from the manufacturer for a great deal less.

    1. jeannell m williams

      Not always. I think it depends on the company. I got my first saber at WDW for about 200$ but when I went through the manufacture it was around 400$ for the same one.

  3. Andrew

    It’s still just a remote controlled toy- if it was a real AI powered droid (even if limited), then might be worth it but not nearly worth the cost for something that i have to manually control.

    1. Harley

      I literally was just about to say the same thing. Esp from a collectors stand point where money is nothing 25k is still alot for a R2 thats not like real R2. No offense but for anyone ? Disney prices now… i make shirts bc i am good w logos and to save $30-50! Theres no sense to that either nor why does everything need a spirit jersey ?!?

  4. CD

    Are you kidding Disney over the past 20-25 years has been showing the greed like crazy. Reducing staff, cutting AP benefits and increasing ticket prices to an astronomical ammount. They litterly almost charge for everything I’m waiting for them to start charging to use the bathroom. There most recent greed was they started charging to park at hotels you stay at even though they have plenty of parking.

  5. Lydia Snyder Brotherton

    Hope that comes with free shipping.

    1. jeannell m williams

      I don’t believe so.

  6. jeannell m williams

    Why are ppl freaking out? Just don’t buy it. Personally eBay or amazon has better.

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