‘Star Wars’ Fans State Concerns With Batuu as Choice For Galaxy’s Edge

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Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon at night

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One of the newest lands at Disneyland Park is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The new land had joined the original Disney theme park at Disneyland Resort and allows Guests to enter the world of Batuu.

disney lightsabers galaxy's edge
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The new section immerses Guests into the world of Star Wars and allows them to meet characters from the films such as Rey, Chewbacca, Storm Troopers, Kylo Ren, and more. In the land, Rise of the Resistance is easily the most popular attraction, leaving Guests waiting hours or spending nearly $20.00 to skip the line for one single ride. You can drink blue or green milk, eat a Ronto wrap, and ride Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run while you explore Black Spire Outpost. The new land allows Star Wars fans to step into the George Lucas created universe, but it seems that not everyone loves the changes.

disney galaxys edge
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A recent Reddit thread asked Guests what they would have rather seen take the spot of Batuu.

PumpernickelWasTaken posted:

I am not trying to troll I’m just being honest. I’ve always been super disappointed they made it some new place. I really would have preferred a Star Wars “land” even if it didn’t make some kind of sense as a real place. Like I wish half was Endor and half was Tattooine.. And another half Hoth 😛

What do you wish Galaxy’s Edge had been instead of Batuu? from Disneyland

Disney Vista wishes other characters could have been seen:

The problem with Batuu is that you’ll never see Darth Vader there for meet and greets. I personally would have preferred Naboo, scenery wise

Supersmashlord wants to see Disney forgo the Star Wars canon within the land.

Can’t Disney just ignore the continuity and bust out with some legendary characters? I’m being deadass. NO ONE will care. We have fairy princesses walking around right next to an indiana Jones ride for Christ’s sake… Just bring em out!

DieGo2SHAE wanted to see:

Half Tattooine (with Mos Eisley) and half ‘downtown’ Coruscant

Shooting4life noted a feeling many have on the thread:

Batuu is fine. It’s that we’re stuck in the sequels is the problem.

galaxy's edge at night
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TonyD00 was happy to see Disney create Batuu:

I think they made the right decision. The land looks great and makes sense. The problem is that there isn’t much to do and smugglers run really sucks.

The half n half approach would make no sense and would break the integrity of the land.

star wars galaxy's edge millennium falcon
Credit: StarWars.com

Nefretemerson has a solution to bringing in other characters without disrupting the integrity of the land.

I feel like they could solve a lot of the issues by theming part of it as some kind of “Jedi Temple” where you have “visions” of other lands/characters/whatever, and then they could throw anyone they wanted in there. They could have Vader/Leia/C-3PO, literally anything they wanted happening in a section like that. I think the people who would whine about storyline integrity would be drowned out by people really excited to interact with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker the way you can interact with the Evil Queen and Snow White over at Fantasy Faire.

The thread continues, but overall it seems that Star Wars fans are sad that they are not able to see more characters due to the location of Batuu.

In Disneyland, the newest land is now Avengers Campus, over in Disney California Adventure. Guests can enjoy WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure near Doctor Strange’s Ancient Sanctum. Everything from a Hulk tree exposed to gamma radiation and graffiti left by Miles Morales, Marvel fans are in for a treat when visiting the land. At Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge, the latest controversy has surrounded the lack of protective casing for the Lightsabers built at Savi’s Workshop.

Do you with Batuu was a different location? Let us know in the comments below! 

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