Walt Disney World Golf operator didn’t pay $19,000 in minimum wage, OT to employees

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Walt Disney World Golf operator committed $19,000 in minimum wage and OT violations

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Arnold Palmer Golf Management recently paid $19,776 in back pay to 24 employees to satisfy breaking minimum wage, overtime, and record-keeping rules.

According to Miami Herald, Walt Disney World Golf, operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management, which contains the resort’s four courses of Disney’s Palm, Magnolia, Lake Buena Vista, and Oak Trail, was not giving employees their full wages in their paychecks.

Walt Disney World Golf
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Miami Herald reports that the company would automatically deduct lunch off of employee’s timecards, but the workers who pressed on through lunch weren’t paid for their time, and the automatic service charges and commissions paid regularly weren’t factored in when figuring out over time.

Additionally, it was found that no employees were paid overtime when working past their 40-hour threshold, and in the state of Florida, overtime pay of time and a half is required for all non-exempt employees for hours worked over 40 during a workweek.

Disney's Magnolia Golf Course
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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of funds being improperly transferred at the Walt Disney World Resort. Back in December, it was found that one Walt Disney World hotel employee had stolen almost $49,000 from the company over a 9-month period in 2016.

WFTV originally reported that Jamaica Hall, a now ex-Walt Disney World hotel employee, had been found to have been issuing fraudulent credit card refunds to hotel guests that were applied to his personal debit cards via an electronic transfer of funds.

Walt Disney World Resort
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Hall had been able to commit the crimes through a method of making it appear on paper as if funds from Walt Disney World hotels were being transferred back to park guests in the form of refunds. However, the funds were actually being transferred to Hall’s own personal accounts.

Ex-Walt Disney World employee arrested after stealing almost $49K from the company
Credit: Orange County Jail

Hall had worked as a front desk concierge host at multiple Walt Disney World hotels. It’s been reported by investigators that no hotel guests were directly affected in Hall’s crimes. However, in total, Hall was able to take $48,531.00 from the Walt Disney World Resort.

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