Disneyland Paris will double in size by 2030

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disneyland paris expansion

If you think you’ve seen all of the Disney Parks worldwide, think again. Disneyland Paris will double in size by 2030, and the expansion will turn the European travel destination into a whole new world of Disney magic.

The Telegraph recently reported that Disney will create more than 1,000 new jobs at its Disneyland Resort in Paris, expanding the resort’s hotels and even possibly adding a third theme park. As a result, Disney hopes to double the resort’s capacity and triple the number of on-site hotel rooms. Disneyland Paris is Europe’s most popular travel destination, so it’s no wonder that Disney will want to provide even more magic to twice as many guests.

Currently, the Disney resort in France consists of two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, as well as six on-site hotels and two nature-themed resorts. The Telegraph reported that a consultation with Disney stated the company’s plans to “[double] theme park visitor capacity by opening new attractions in the two existing parks and possibly building a third theme park.”

Earlier this year, Disney announced its plans to expand its theme parks worldwide, including Disneyland Paris. Disney CEO Bob Iger and French President Emmanuel Macron revealed back in February their plans for a two billion euro expansion of Disneyland Paris that would take place over the next several years. The plans included a transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, the second theme park at Disneyland Paris, with the addition of three new themed areas inspired by Marvel, “Star Wars,” and “Frozen” movies.

“We’re very excited about the future of Disneyland Paris and continue to invest in its long-term success,” said Iger when expansion plans were revealed in February. “The resort is already the leading tourist destination in Europe, and the transformative expansion we announced today will add even more of our beloved characters and unparalleled storytelling to create new lands, attractions, and entertainment that further elevate the guest experience and drive new opportunities for tourism in this dynamic region.”

The first of the new developments for Walt Disney Studios Park will be unveiled in 2021 with the opening of the reimagined Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Marvel superhero Iron Man. And in 2020, guests will be able to stay at the reimagined Disney’s Hotel New York , which is currently being re-themed to feature The Art of Marvel. Check out more details about the Marvel-themed area coming to Disneyland Paris below.


With all of the new attractions and experiences coming to Disneyland Paris over the next decade, we can’t wait to hear more details about what Disney has up their sleeves.

In the meantime, Disneyland Paris has announced a variety of new experiences for resort guests coming over the next year. Check out our report of the awesome new and returning offerings just in time for the holiday season and beyond. Even though Disneyland Paris is undergoing a massive expansion, there is still so much to do and see at the theme parks and across the resort hotels, so be sure to plan a visit soon!

What do you think of the massive expansion coming to Disneyland Paris over the next decade?

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