Disney partners with Google Home to create storybook soundtracks

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Disney and Random House have joined forces to bring magical stories to life through Google Home. Now, owners of Disney Little Golden Books, a series of children’s books published by Random House, can ask their Google Home devices to “read along with Disney” to hear special music and sound effects for select Disney books.

After parents and other readers ask their Google Home devices to “read along with Disney,” the smart speaker device listens to the voice of the person reading the story out loud in order to add music and sound effects that accompany each part of the story. The speaker is so in-tune with the reader that if the reader pauses reading or skips to another part of the Little Golden Book, the Google Home device will follow accordingly, automatically keeping track of the reader’s voice and flow.

Take a look at the Google Home video below to see how the smart speaker plays the strum of a guitar when the child asks his father to skip to his favorite part of the “Coco” storybook.

The “read along with Disney” feature is the perfect way to keep the magic of reading alive, as it has the potential to provide children with a new way to enjoy story time, with added magical sounds and music.

Currently, the “read along with Disney” feature on Google Home works with select Little Golden Book stories, including the following:

  • “Moana”
  • “Toy Story 3”
  • “Coco”
  • “Jack-Jack Attack”
  • “Peter Pan”
  • “Cinderella”
  • “Alice in Wonderland”
  • “The Three Little Pigs”
  • “Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship”
  • “Mickey’s Christmas Carol”

Later in 2018, Google Home, in partnership with Disney and Random House, will be adding more book titles to the feature, creating a magical library for dreamers of all ages.

What do you think of this new Disney story feature added to Google Home?

Source: Variety

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