13 Disney inspired Halloween makeup tutorials Part 1: dark and dangerous designs

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Halloween time brings out the child in almost everyone, especially when combined with Disney magic. Dressing up in costume for trick-or-treat fun or spooky-boo soirees usually require a mask or Halloween makeup.

Inside the Magic has unearthed a baker’s dozen of brilliant boo-worthy Halloween makeup tutorials to help with the fiendish fall fun. Transforming into strong heroes, vexing villains, grinning ghosts or creepy characters can be accomplished with a bit of patience, a palate of products (makeup) and these terror-ific tutorials.

For part one of this spell book of Disney inspired disguise directions, ghoulish creatures, haunting spirits, and treacherous villains take center stage, but not before getting into make-up. Well known villains from Disney movies, creepy creatures from TV land and a few fiendish friends from the Haunted Mansion materialize in time to compliment creative costumes (many of which can be found at shopDisney).

Curious Characters

A fearsome feline, sinister sea creature, wicked wish master, ruthless ruler and reanimated corpses lead the list of manageable makeup magic.

1. Jafar, lead villain of Disney’s version of “Aladdin” comes to life for Halloween hijinks in this instructional by My Flavour.

2. Use of the Magic Mirror is optional in this Evil Queen (“Snow White”) make-up guide by Ylvette.

3. Christina Star teaches fans how to become the Evil Queen’s daughter, Evie from “Descendants.”

4. Addison and Zed from Disney’s “ZOMBIES” get reanimated in this video from The Daya Daily (bonus: costume tips included)

5. See how to become Scar of “The Lion King” fame, thanks to directions by Tiani.

6. Ursula, via directions by Dope2111, makes the leap from “The Little Mermaid” to fiendish fall fun.

Haunted Mansion

Swinging wake or summoning the spirits of traditional trick-or-treat time, Disney’s Haunted Manion manifests magical makeup inspiration with this quartet of characters.

7. A Haunted Mansion Maid maintains the mansion for mortal visitors.  This tutorial from Disney delivers how to transformation tips.

8. It’s no stretch of the imagination, the Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker, by Jenna Stone, is a portrait waiting to be painted.

9. Disney experts reveal spirited specifics for becoming the Haunted Mansion Ghost Bride in this helpful video.

10. Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghost-inspired makeup from Disney conjures Phineas, Gus and Ezra to haunt this Halloween.

“Nightmare Before Christmas”

“Nightmare Before Christmas” excitement brings Halloween and Christmas together at several Disney theme parks.  Below is a trio of familiar faces from Tim Burton’s brilliant stop-motion adventure.

11. The Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington, returns with help from Grin and Dagger.

12. Victoria Lyn provides the magical makeup materialization directions for Jack’s biggest fan and ally, Sally.

13. Lock, one of three mischievous minions loyal to Oogie Boogie, comes to life in this guide from Pinksylist.

Disney inspired villains, spirits, and zombies rule the roost for this sinister selection of magical make-up instructional videos. 13 frightfully fun, festive face disguises designed for Halloween haunts and happenings are but the tip of the tombstone when it comes to creepy cool creative couture this spooky season. Keeping things boo-tifully balanced, be sure to surf over to 13 Disney inspired makeup tutorial treasures Part 2: heroes and happy faces.

Are you donning a Disney disguise this Halloween?  Please share a picture of your magical manifestation in the comments on our Facebook page.

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