13 Disney inspired Halloween makeup tutorial treasures Part 2: heroes and happy faces

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Dressing up, Disney-style, in costume for trick-or-treat fun or spooky-boo soirees usually require a mask or Halloween makeup. Transforming into strong heroes, vexing villains, grinning ghosts or creepy characters can be accomplished with a bit of patience, a palate of products (makeup) and by following well-crafted tutorial videos.

Fortunately, just in time for the end of October celebrations, Inside the Magic has unearthed a baker’s dozen of brilliant boo-worthy makeup tutorials to help with the fiendish fall fun. Halloween time brings out the child in almost everyone, especially when combined with Disney inspired makeup magic.

For part two of this treasure chest of Disney inspired disguise directions, iconic characters, leading ladies and fantasy favorites take center stage, but not before getting into makeup. Well, known heroes from Disney movies, famous theme park faces, and a Jedi master arrive in time, with excellent tutorials, to compliment creative costumes (many of which can be found at shopDisney).

1. Ballroom Belle (“Beauty and the Beast”) brightens any Halloween. Makeup magic by TraciJHines shows how it’s done.

2. Charisma Star’s Captain Jack Sparrow pirate powered tutorial teaches treasure seeking trick-or-treaters transformation techniques.

3. Famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo appeared in Disney’s “Coco.” Witte Artistry sugar skull makeup magic recreates the character in this video.

4. Gamora from “Guardians of the Galaxy” gets make-up tutorial treatment from Shonagh Scott during this clip.

5. He may be 90 years old this year, but Halloween Mickey Mouse is still the life of the party. Discover how to create this Disney disguise with directions from Paint Me Sarah.

6. Scottish princess Merida (“Brave”) is brought to life in this informative instructional from dope2111.

7. Alohalyssa’s magical Moana make-up video guides the process for becoming this Hawaiian hero.

8. Mulan’s make up tutorial, taught by The Daya Daily, gives step by step guidance for crafting this wonderful warrior.

9. Recreating the character Pocahontas, from the animated feature of the same name, features make up instructions from Nikole Jackson.

10. Max’s girlfriend Roxanne, from “A Goofy Movie,” comes to life in this tutorial video by goomanna.

11. Make-up for favored fairy Tinkerbell, as instructed by AuLora, offers the opportunity to transform into the sassy sprite.

12. Disney Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz makes a return in the sequel “Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” Jbunzie shows how to apply makeup for this Sugar Rush character.

13. Use of the Force is not necessary to transform into Jedi Master Yoda. Especially since Tori Michelle MUA provides all the how-to details in her video.

Disney princesses, heroes, and familiar faces fill this list of magical make-up instructional videos. 13 heroic and happy faces, festive, fun disguises designed for Halloween haunts and happenings are but the caramel on the apple when it comes to clever, cool & creative couture this spellbinding season. Keeping things boo-tifully balanced, be sure to surf over to 13 Disney inspired makeup tutorials Part 1: dark and dangerous designs.

Are you donning a Disney disguise this Halloween?  Please share a picture of your magical manifestation in the comments.

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