Marvel’s “Daredevil” Season 3 to hit Netflix in 2018

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2018 has been a very big year for Marvel superheroes on Netflix. “Jessica Jones” season two hit the streaming service back in March, “Luke Cage” season two began streaming in June and the second season of “Iron Fist” was recently announced to debut September 7.

Today, we’ve learned even more exciting news regarding Marvel’s Netflix endeavors. “Daredevil” season three will premiere on Netflix in 2018 as well. The news came out of the Netflix Q2 earnings call, in which Netflix CFO David Wells said “In the short term, we’ve got new seasons coming up, in the second half of this year, of Orange is the New BlackOzarkIron FistDaredevilNarcos, the finale of House of Cards, the follow-up series to Making a Murderer.

The last time we saw Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox, was in the end of Marvel’s “The Defenders.” He is seen in a bed, wrapped in bandages with a nun by his side and a cross over his head. We hear a nun instruct someone off screen to “get Maggie, tell her he’s awake.”

When it comes to Marvel, you’re probably aware that the names you hear mean something more often than not. In this case, Maggie is not likely just another nun. She’s Maggie Murdock, Matt’s mother.

In the comics, Matt is reunited with his mother in a story arc called “Born Again,” a fitting title to be used for the next season of “Daredevil” following his apparent death. In fact, this scene is taken almost directly from the “Born Again” story.

No exact release date has been announced as of yet for the third season of Marvel’s “Daredevil,” but it seems likely it will follow after season two of “Iron Fist” when it premieres in September.

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