Video: Toy Story Mania! New Entrance, Queue, And Full Ride Pov In Toy Story Land

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Toy Story Mania!

Credit: ITM

Toy Story Mania! has been a Guest favorite since the day it first opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it is now an integral part of the new Toy Story Land. To make Toy Story Mania! a part of Toy Story Land, a new entrance was built to give Guests of Toy Story Land access to the beloved attraction from within the new land.

The new entrance leads to what is now the first of 3 rides in Toy Story Land. And as part of the new addition, Disney has also provided Guests with a new queue before the ride, which includes an interactive Mr. Potato Head and other new pictures, toys, and games found inside the queue.

We have the new entrance, queue (including its interactive Mr. Potato Head), a full-ride video, and the ride exit from the attraction in the video below.


The queue will also be the “Playset Party” location for the new Play Disney Parks app game available on both the iPhone and Android.

Below you can see some pictures of the new queue.

Mr Potato Head

Toy Story Main queue - Monopoly game pieces

Toy Story Mania Queue - UNO Cards

Toy Story Mania Queue - Dominos

Toy Story Mania Queue

Toy Story Mania Queue

This special exit trail takes you out of the attraction and back into Toy Story Land.

Toy Story Mania Exit - Green Army Man & Plane

Toy Story Mania Exit - Green Army Man

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To check out this new queue for yourself, be sure to visit Toy Story Land when it officially opens to the public this Saturday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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