PHOTOS: Disney Tidbits Magic Kingdom – food and drink price increases, After Hours event bring low crowds

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Welcome back to Disney Tidbits! Follow along on our trip around Magic Kingdom to check out what is new and happening.

The heat is starting to soar in Orlando. It was an incredible 93 degrees during our visit.


But Magic Kingdom is always inspirational rain or shine.


Crowd pleaser Festival of Fantasy was in full swing when we arrived.


Disney is always the best place for a yummy treat.



New Alice Teacup Party mugs.


The new East Plaza Gardens is now the new location for Wishes dessert party guests but still a lovely place to be during the day.



You can now make walk-up reservations to the Wishes Dessert Party directly at the podium.




Some facade work is being done at Carousel of Progress.


After 5 p.m. I quickly started to notice how empty the park got. Seems like the After Hours at Magic Kingdom event that starts at 10 p.m. really makes the crowds disappear. Here are just some of the wait times I saw between 5-10 p.m.

Space Mountain – 30 min

Big Thunder Mountain – 20 min

Haunted Mansion – 10 min

Pirates of the Caribbean – 15 min

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – 40 min

Just coming from weeks of relentless Spring Break crowds these wait times were lovely to see.


We also spotted some new price increases across the park. Inside Cosmic Ray’s counter service restaurant you now have to pay $1 for the melted cheese that used to be complimentary.


Counter service and food kiosks have also raised their prices for most fountain and bottled drinks. Here is a price list:

Regular Fountain Drink is now $3.29, up from $2.99.
Large Fountain Drink is now $3.69, up from $3.29.
Apple Juice is now $3.29, up from $2.79.
Orange Juice is now $4.29, up from $3.99.
Chocolate milk is now $2.69, up from $1.99.
Low-fat milk is now $2.69, up from $1.99.
Dasani Bottled Water is now $3, up from $2.75.

Heading over to Cinderella’s castle, you can now see Disney being in full construction mode for the new castle stage show coming in June.



Lastly I spotted some new limited edition pins.




As we get closer to the summer, we will get to see more and more changes to the Disney Parks so make sure to come back soon again for more Disney Tidbits!


  1. Becki

    All very informative and interesting.

  2. Grammar Police

    “Disney is always the best place for a yummy treat.”

    The treats LOOK yummy, but I have yet to find one that is truly edible. They are all mass produced weeks in advance, and they taste like it. Just once, I wish they could sell treats in the park to rival some of the delicacies you can get at the hotels. The banana bread pudding from Ohana or the French Toast Bread Pudding from Boma come to mind.

  3. Brian witt

    When will they be charging extra to breath the special disney air

  4. Roslyn

    I cannot understand why the prices keep going up and up !!! Disney beware, U may be out pricing yourselves from full capacity parks….. the economy is going south and your prices keep going North, not good !!

  5. Vinnie

    I think the prices should continue to go up!…maybe then people will appreciate what WDW is and not dress like fools and act like idiots!

    1. Gale Witt

      Vinnie, we were there the other day and this young woman (about 19) had a t-shirt with the arms and sides ripped open down to about an inch from the bottom. So her sides were bare. So was everything else since she decided to not wear a bra. Every time she moved one or both would come out. Disney did not even make her leave the park. With the amount of little kids around, I would think that a bit inappropriate for her surroundings.

      1. Gale Witt

        But to be fair, I must admit that my husband appreciated her willingness to share with the rest of the Disney park people.

  6. Gale Witt

    We bought an orange juice at Wawa gas station on our way in to DisneyWorld. It was $1.59. Bought one at AllStar Music for $4.29. Ridiculous. They now have chips in the paper cups that tell you how many refills you can have before the end of the day. Really?? it costs a penny for Disney to fill up that cup with Soda. (seriously, it does) and they are worried about refills when they sell those drinks for $2.89. And now they are raising prices again??? No wonder people bring in those big back packs and wheel around suitcases packed with food. Shame on Disney for penny pinching their public after we pay big money for annual passes and daily passes

  7. Dominick

    We attended After Hours on 4/28, and had a fantastic time!!!! One of our best experiences at WDW. The pictures we were able to take are some of our best ever. Main St., with no one on it. Fantasy Land, completely empty. It was like we had the park to ourselves. Loved it and would 100% do it again.

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