Disney Artist Heather Edwards Reimagines Classic Disney Tales Into Fine Art Portraits

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Discover the Disney Art of artist Heather Edwards who has created a series of artwork with a real Renaissance feel to it that gives us a chance to see Disney characters like Belle, Mulan, and more in a new light. Heather’s art which you can find on shopDisney reimagines Disney movies into old school fine art. In addition to her bold reimaging of Disney characters, Heather is also known for her non-Disney work that includes themes in religious symbolism, fantasy realism, equine, and wildlife.

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Heather Edwards’s Disney fine art paintings are constantly morphing as she applies new techniques, but most often consists of a multitude of layers of paint and glazes (as many as 20 or so in some cases) to reach the desired depth and detail that dominates her work. Each of these limited edition Heather Edwards Disney prints is 12″ x 16″


Mulan comes to life in this painting titled The Elegant Warrior and we agree Mulan is fully Disney princess and fully fierce warrior. This gallery-wrapped canvas can be purchased for $149.95 at shopDisney.

Mulan The Elegant Warrior

Frozen’s Elsa, Anna & Olaf

The next Disney artwork depicts our favorite Frozen characters Elsa and Anna meeting Olaf in Never Let it Go, click here to purchase.

Anna & Elsa Never Let it Go


The next Disney movie depicted in fine art is from Beauty and the Beast. Belle is portrayed in Love Blooms In Winter also on shopDisney for $149.95.

Belle Love Blooms In Winter


No Disney film collection is complete without Cinderella and Heather Edwards paints her in Cinderella’s New Day which shopDisney lists for $149.95.



I Can See The Light features Rapunzel on her birthday among the floating paper lanterns. Get your favorite Tangled Disney princess on shopDisney for $149.95.


This is only half of the Disney art collection from Heather Edwards featured on shopDisney. Take some time to browse Disney’s art gallery online for not only Heather Edwards work but also Disney art from Thomas Kinkade Studios and many more.

What is your favorite Disney artwork from Heather Edwards?

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